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Hello and welcome aboard Seascapes your maritime programme on this weeks edition we talk to Architect and author of Where Land Meets Sea – Coastal Explorations of Landscape , Representation and Spatial Experience – Anna Ryan from the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick ; Norman Freeman on a kindly sea Captain ; Dick Robinson on a rescue off Baginbun Head and the remarkable RNLI ; first though to the historic eventual banning of discards which has received a mixed response from the organisations representing fishermen this week ; acknowledging the role that Hugh Fearnley Whittinstall’s Fish Fight and Irelands Presidency of the EU had in this decision being reached with a gradual Implementation over the coming years ... Jim Higgins –MEP spoke to Karen Coleman in the European Parliament........

Jim Higgins Fine Gael MEP talking to Karen Coleman at the European Parliament......

Next this week to the RNLI which this weekend celebrates 0ne hundred and eighty nine years – one man who has had a lifelong association with the lifeboat institution growing up in Knightstown is Valentia man Dick Robinson who is to be awarded the Gold badge for fundraising activities...

The latest edition of SUBSEA – Irelands Diving Magazine has just been published and features items on Cave Diving in France; The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group research vessel Celtic Mist ; Grand Canyons of the Bering Sea; Underwater Wheelchair Diving ; The Hyperbaric Chamber in University Hospital Galway ; A spotlight on Sheephaven Sub Aqua Club ; Celebrating Ireland’s Ship Wrecks and Cameron Creek in Kilkee plus in this the 50th Year of the Irish Underwater Council their annual conference takes place this weekend in Athlone hosted by Athlone Sub Aqua Club for the third time the location this year is the splendid Hodson Bay Hotel-

The fifth and final Atlantic Forum workshop will take place in UCC next Monday and Tuesday. This workshop will focus on Research and Innovation driving the EU Atlantic Strategy.

Next on Seascapes to the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick where Seascapes earlier this week met with Anna Ryan author of Where Land Meets Sea - Anna explained where her connection and love for the sea originated ......

Finally on Seascapes this week – Norman Freeman author of Seaspray and Whisky and former Radio Officer has this tale of a kindly captain .....


The Federation of Irish Fishermen (FIF) today acknowledged that there are some positive aspects in the agreement reached by the Council of Ministers in Brussels early this morning to phase out the practice of discarding in commercial marine fisheries. However, FIF said it was disappointed that the starting date for the phasing in of a discards ban for pelagic species was set for the 1st January 2014 particularly as the initial indications from the Presidency during the late night discussions was that a starting date of the 1st January 2015 was a likely outcome.

The Chairman of FIF Mr Francis O’ Donnell said that “the outcome of Fisheries Council agreement reached early this morning was step in the right direction in trying to address the implementation of the highly complex and multi-facetted issue of banning discards which are often driven by regulations and restricted quotas. It is still a long way from the finished article.“ The discarding of fish is something all Irish fishermen want to avoid and the Irish industry has been extremely proactive in the use of selective measures to avoid and minimise catching juvenile and unwanted fish in the first instance. He added “some of the positive elements of the agreement relate to setting a de-minimus level of discards initially at 9% which will reduce over a five years period to 7% plus the provision for increased fishing opportunities in line with the reduction in discards and other mechanisms for dealing with discards in the absence of management plans. However it is not realistic to set an implementation date of the 1st of January next year for banning discards in pelagic fisheries as it will be the end of June this year before a final agreement is reached between the Council and European Parliament on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy which discards is only one element of that reform. Let’s hope that common sense will prevail in the Trialogue discussions and that a realistic timeframe is set”.

The agreement reached today will have very significant cost implications for the Irish fishing industry both in terms of gears and vessel modifications and the commitment that the Commission has given to providing the necessary financial support to adapt to the new reality must be followed through and specifically provided for in the new proposed European and Maritime and Fisheries Fund. It is important that the focus does not shift back to simply landing everything. It would be naïve to think that this will simply solve the discards problem. The focus needs to remain on the avoidance of catching juvenile or unwanted fish and establishing the appropriate mechanism to do that in the first place as contained in both the Council agreement this morning and EP agreement of the 4th February.

Dick Robinson author of Valentia Lifeboats - A History-  had the story of a dramatic rescue in 1941 off Dunmore East near Baginbun Head, Dick is the longest serving contributor to Seascapes and is to be warded the Gold Badge by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution later this year at a ceremony in The Barbican in London.

Seascapes - Friday 1st March 2013

Seascapes features Anna Ryan, Where Land Meets Sea.

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