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Courtown RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew rescue woman and Holly the dog from harbour

A 29 year old woman and her dog were rescued by Courtown RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew from the water at Courtown Harbour earlier this week after a twenty minute ordeal in freezing conditions.

The local woman went to the assistance of her Jack Russell Terrier named Holly, who went into the water off the pier in Courtown, County Wexford and got into difficulty, at around 10.45pm.

The woman had lowered herself into the water using a lifebuoy and a rope about 15 metres from the entrance to the harbour but due to the temperature of the water, she was unable to climb back up the rope.

A member of the public who was passing the scene, went to the assistance of the casualty and kept talking to her while he phone the emergency services. He urged her to keep hold of the ring buoy as she was in danger of being swept out to sea and visibility was poor.

Courtown RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew arrived at the scene on foot and aware of the imminent danger two lifeboat crew donned their protective lifeboat kit and entered the water.

They recovered the casualty and her dog to safety and with the assistance of lifeboat crew ashore the pair were then taken to the lifeboat station to recover. The woman was then reunited with family and taken home with Holly in tow.

Courtown RNLI Lifeboat Press Officer and crewmember Aine Stafford said, “We were delighted that this callout had a happy ending and that both Holly and her owner are recovering well from their ordeal. We would advise people against going into the water after their pets as this can lead to a tragic outcome. The RNLI will launch to rescue anyone in difficulty and that does include pets and animals in trouble. We hope Holly and her owner enjoy their Christmas.

The lifeboat crew also wish to thank the member of the public who raised the alarm and whose quick thinking and calm reaction almost certainly prevented a tragedy. They also advised that if any member of the public spots someone in difficulty in the water that they phone 999 immediately and never put themselves in danger.

Hello and welcome aboard this weeks edition of your maritime programme – Seascapes; in keeping with the festive season Kieran Devanney has a Yuletide tale from the War Years in the Northwest and how Christmas was celebrated on Tory Island ; we have music by Bill Meek “Time Ashore” performed by Garland ; we hear about St Nicholas the patron saint of sailors and we’ll be having a round up of maritime books that might squeeze into that Christmas stocking ; first on Seascapes this weekend to North County Dublin to Brendan Price of The Irish Seal Sanctuary an old friend of the programme ………

Brendan Price from the Irish Seal Sanctuary- music next on Seascapes and this timely offering written by Bill Meek and performed by Garland .........................................................



This week we feature some of the maritime books that popped up on the programme throughout the year…..or that caught our attention – with a Seascapes connection ,ranging from three magnificent publications – Daragh Muldowneys – Dulra – A Jewel Box of Aquatic Treasures ; Valerie O Sullivan’s “Irelands Atlantic Shore” and Eoghan Kavanagh’s “Skellig” – this year also saw the excellent “Neutral Shores” by Mark McShane – for sailing enthusiasts there was “Dublin Bay – The Cradle of Yacht Racing” ; the excellent “Hemingways Boat “ by Paul Hendrikson ; “The Log of the Molly B “– beautifully illustrated by author Pete Hogan ; The Inhabited Islands of West Cork by Tony McGettigan and Francis Twomey ; The Boyne Currach by Cladh O Gibne ; The
Magnificent “Sailing the Irish Famine Tall Ship –Jeanie Johnston “ by Michael English; The Irish Aboard Titanic by Senan Molony and the one that got away and I only heard about it last week when I met the members of the World Ships Society who you can hear on Seascapes next week – and that was The Light Keeper by Gerard Butler.

....Now a short festive extract from Kieran Devaney’s new novel "The Waves of Tory" the tale of a German U boat based there during the second world war, a romance and marriage between a member of the submarine's crew and a personal battle between the submarine's captain and the captain of a British flying boat based on Lough Erne.

That piece from Kieran Devaney featured the Rosses Point Golf Club Choir accompanied by Marie McLoughlin – Kieran would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Ollie Alcott ; Tim Newell and Richard Rudin and was recorded in John Moores University in Liverpool...

Now to the sound of the Desford Colliery Band performing Sailing By........Kris Kindle, Father Christmas, Santa Claus; he is a man of many guises. But before he was squeezing down chimneys, St Nicholas was better known as patron saint of not only children, but sailors and the sea. To find out more about his alter ego Rhona Tarrant visited the third class pupils of Presentation Primary School in Listowel.......

March League
Kinsale Yacht Club, Kinsale, Ireland

I had been waiting for the right conditions to shoot this sort of image since early February in Kinsale at the start of the season, thankfully the March League PRO sent the yachts off on a coastal race, and if i remember correctly this was actually taken off Hake head. My idea here was to give the viewer the sense of the conditions on this day, so using a shallow depth of field and focusing on the wave crest and not the boat, it brings all the attention to the wave and while the swell was about 1.5 meters the boat out of focus looks so small in comparison. Its a slight trick of the eye but worked well and certainly worthy of the top 6 of 2012.

Peter O'Leary and David Burrows
Sailing World Cup - Leg 4
Hyeres, South France

This image has a rather interesting story behind it but I will try to be as brief as possible.
It was the last day of the regatta, conditions proved too challenging for all other fleets except for the Star and 470s. There genuinely was a 2.5 meter swell, and a constant 30knts, gust reported on the day hit 40+.
My RIB which functioned just perfectly all week, seemed to die this morning and I decided not to go in a photo boat with a million other photographers to get the same or near enough to the same image. I jumped quickly into the coach boat Rob O'Leary was driving as he passed me on the dock, decision made. Now at this point I thought all would great, what I had not thought about was the simple fact he was a coach boat and not really in any position to stop and set me up in the right shot, in fact it was more like hang on tight, the waves are big and we need to chase the fleet for the race. Not ideal in the slightest! So i tied my 25kg peli case to the bottom of the RIB, and decided I needed to choose a lens and stick to it, no way was i changing lens in these conditions, so I strapped on the 300mm prime to the Canon 7D (bad choice by the way, we were way to close to the action for a telephoto, anyway). I think I tried taking photos on the upwind leg but the RIB struggled in the swell, and the water was just all to much, it was a case of get the shot on the first downwind leg or the opportunity is lost, pressure was on at this stage, i needed the money shot of these guys and I really didn't make my life easy at all for myself. Anyway, the downwind leg was too close and the RIB was planning and crashing into waves, i couldn't even find the boat in the view finder never mind hit the shutter!
I was in luck, the boats separated on the next leg and by some stoke of luck i found myself smack bang in the middle of the course with Peter and David heading right at us, BOOM, i managed to take about 15 shots quickly trying to hang on in big swell, the rib doing 12 knots and a fleet of Star's heading right at us.

Marcus and Meagan Hutchinson
The Squib South Coast Championships
Kinsale Yacht Club, Kinsale, Ireland

This shot I love, not for its composition or light but simply on the reaction I got from people when they saw it.
I believe it was an ex-squib sailor who phoned me up and said; "Carlin, you just made Squib sailing sexy again".
Besides that comment, I have had the pleasure of shooting this event for two years now, and some how I luck out on the weather conditions, in 2011 I shot the squib sinking sequence, when a Chinese gybe in 25knts went very wrong, so wrong the boat sank to the bottom of the channel in Kinsale Harbour. This year proved yet again, any boat can be fun in big breeze and plenty of swell. This husband and wife team went on to win the Squib Nationals later in the year, just goes to show them Hutchinson's got what it takes.

Taylor Canfield
The Argo Gold Cup, Alpari World Match Racing Tour
Hamilton, Bermuda.

Taylor Canfield and US One Sailing Team reading the shifts on the last beat in the final of the Argo Gold Cup.
I have been filming at all of the Alpari World Match Racing events this year and I decided I may have a little time during racing to take my camera with me to capture some action. Most events are so busy I just simply wouldn't have any time but I was located on the barge and between doing the live links with Lynsey Hopper (WMRT TV Presenter) I did take a couple of shots. This one was more than just taking a photo of the winners, it was really nice to see a relatively unknown team on the tour to come out, fight the big guns to win this event, notwithstanding the fact Taylor and his crew are just the nicest guys you'll meet. They went on to win the Monsoon Cup after this, in an epic final with Phil Robertson.

Figaro Training with David Kenefick.
La Grande Motte, South France

This shot was one that almost never happened. It was one of those moments, "is the juice worth the squeeze".
Let me rewind, I had just been shooting David in his Figaro from the end of a breakwater off the marina, now sounds like big deal nothing new here, what I wasn't expecting was the trek to the end of the breakwater. I casually assumed there was a path the entire length of the breakwater, not so unfortunately! I dragged my 25kg peli case across an expanse of broke limestone which took a good 30mins. Not really a jog in the park, I hand carried the case with great difficulty, but in the end it did turn into a rather good spot to shoot from. So after spending 3 hours holding a 7kg lens and camera at arms length I packed the kit up and began my long rocky road back to the marina. I was tired, eventually i made it back in 35mins this time. I just dropped the case and used it as a seat so i could get me breath back and rest before i wheeled my way back to the boat. As i was sitting in that empty car park the sun was just about to set across the beach, I was looking across at the buildings as they glowed in the evening rays, it was a moment, Ah, will i unpack all the kit here and take a shot or just go and get some food. Well, reluctantly I opened the peli, stuck the 70-200mm on the 7D and snapped 4 photo's carefully positioning the boundary wall in the car park for some foreground interest. Later that evening I downloaded all the cards, and had forgotten I shot this one, turned out to be my favourite of the day.

David Kenefick setting the pole after a gybe.
La Grande Motte, South France.

This shot I believe brings me back to my earlier days of taking photos on the Irish Match Racing Tour, I like this for its angle, I think its rather dynamic and offers the viewer something different. I spent almost 3 weeks shooting David in his Figaro and after a certain length of time it becomes a struggle to offer a different type of shot on the same subject matter. I feel I got that "other angle" us photographers are always looking for.

On behalf of the Seascapes team of Niall O Sullivan ; Bryan Fitzpatrick and yours truly Marcus Connaughton - a very Happy peaceful and joyful Christmas to all Seascapes listeners .........


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