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    The maritime programme with Marcus Connaughton.

    Seascapes Friday 27th May 2016










    Your maritime programme with Marcus Connaughton features - Gery Flynn of Inshore Ireland ; NMCI - Marine Awards with Kevin O'Driscoll ; Hugh Oram on Whytes of Waterford ; the James Caird and our competition for copies of Harding McGregor Dunnett's book.






















    Hello there and welcome aboard Seascapes  your maritime programme , this week  we hear from Gery Flynn , Features Editor of Inshore Ireland magazine about the latest edition ; before we  preview the Cork Harbour Festival  next Friday we hear from Eimear Fitzgerald about Ocean to City – An Ras Mor  which goes ahead next weekend ; Hugh Oram on the shipbuilding tradition in Waterford and Whyte’s ...........This weekend the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival is in full swing where you can see a replica of the James Caird  bound for Dingle about which we’ll hear more shortly and we have copies of Harding McGregor Dunnett’s book “The Story of the James Caird “ courtesy of The Collins Press  .... the United States Coastguard Cutter Eagle pays a visit to Dublin’s Sir John Rogerson Quay – not to be missed and we have details of a Sail Training Ireland / Seascapes competition for a voyage aboard one of their vessels this Summer  and how you can take part by nominating an individual between 18 to 30 years of age......first on Seascapes to the 2nd year of the Marine Industry Awards  hosted by the National Maritime College of Ireland  which will be held at the end of next month as part of Sea Fest  , so we met up with Kevin O Driscoll here on Seascapes to hear  about the Awards



    You can see an Award winners  shortlist  on the Seascapes webpage , our thanks to Kevin O Driscoll of  Event Strategies




    Marine Institute

    SEFtec Group

    Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority

    Ireland Ocean Energy Expertise (This is a division of SEAI)



    Irish Offshore Operators’ Association



    Inshore Ireland

    Marine Times Newspaper

    Amarach Research


    Those Marine Awards take place in Galway on 30th June.....

    Next here on Seascapes to our Galway Studios where the Features Editor of Inshore Ireland magazine has all the detail on their Spring issue....











    The Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, America’s Tall Ship, arrived  in Dublin, on Thursday, Eagle will moor up at Sir Rogerson’s Quay Wall..........   Barque Eagle will be open for free public tours on the following dates and times:


    • Saturday, May 28th: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

    • Sunday, May 29th: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

    • Monday, May 30th: 10 a.m. –  7 p.m.


    At 90 meters (295ft) in length, Eagle is the largest tall ship flying the stars and stripes and the only active square-rigger in United States government service. Constructed in 1936 by the Blohm and Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, , and originally commissioned as Horst Wessell  by the German Navy,

          Eagle was a war reparation for the United States following World War II. Eagle is a three-masted barque with more than 6797 square meters (22,300 sqFt) of sail and 9.7 kilometers of rigging. Eagle has served as a classroom at sea to future Coast Guard officers since 1946, offering an at-sea leadership and professional development experience as part of the Coast Guard Academy curriculum. 



    The last time Barque Eagle visited  here was to the port of Waterford in 2011 a month prior to The Tall Ships visit........ After departing Dublin, Eagle will set her course for London, 

    For a continuous stream of information about Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, including port cities, tour schedules, current events and cadet and active duty crewmember photographs, follow the “U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle” Facebook page.  All U.S. Coast Guard imagery is public domain and can be shared widely.


    Next here on Seascapes to Eimear Fitzgerald of Meitheal Mara with the details of next weekend’s Ocean to City – An Ras Mor...


         Later this year on Seascapes , your maritime programme   we’ll be bringing news of a major development  to create awareness of the work done by Sail Training Ireland  whom we’ve featured regularly on the programme since their foundation  and indeed covered their annual awards ceremony at the beginning of the year. Sail Training Ireland is the National Sail Training Organisation of Ireland and a Charity with Youth Development at its core. Their aim is to make Sail Training voyages on Tall Ships and Sailing Vessels accessible for the young people of Ireland.

    Sail Training Ireland is a member of Sail Training International and represents Ireland on the International Council and Board of Trustees of Sail Training International.  As it happens in the coming weeks this year’s programme of opportunities for Sail Trainees takes off in earnest with the  chance for those interested to go aboard the various vessels being used by Sail Training Ireland including “The Maybe” ; “The Spirit of Oysterhaven” and latest  addition “The Brian Boru” .


     To coincide with the imminent    visit of the “Morgenster “ which we were last aboard at Drogheda’s Maritime Festival last Summer we have a special  announcement to make here on Seascapes. 
































     In my role as Goodwill  Ambassador for Sail Training Ireland  sporting my snazziest bow tie .........Seascapes and Sail Training Ireland are offering the opportunity to  one lucky individual between the age of 18 to 30  to a complimentary  bursary voyage   on board one of Sail Training Ireland’s  vessels this season .  What we want you to do is write to us and in no more than 400 words tell us about  an individual that you would care to nominate for this bursary and why can send your correspondence by letter to Sail Training Ireland Bursary, Seascapes , RTE Radio 1, Fr Mathew Street, Cork or by email to .

         The closing date for entries for this Seascapes /  Sail Training Ireland Bursary is Friday 24th June and we’ll be announcing the winner on Seascapes on Friday 1st July . The judging panel will be drawn from the Seascapes team and  the board of Sail Training Ireland send those  letters and emails now...we’ll have all the details on the Seascapes   you can also visit the Sail Training Ireland website which is  

    Those details on those Sail Training opportunities ....can be found on the Seascapes webpage  but do hurry as there are only a few berths available ......

    The Waterford Bursary Scheme is a newly developed initiative between Sail Training Ireland, The Waterford County Council, Port of Waterford and the Waterford Area Partnership. 

    The scheme supports young people aged 16-30 from the Waterford area to take part in Sail training voyages for youth development on board the local vessel “Brian Ború” and the Dutch Brig "Morgenster" 

    The first 2 of these voyages begin this Sunday and there are still places available!


    Here are the basic details:

    Vessel: Brian Boru

    Duration: Sunday 29th- Friday 3rd June (6days) Waterford to Dublin

    Voyage fee:€150



    Vessel: Morgenster

    Duration: Sunday 29th May- Friday 10th June (13days) Belfast-Cork (stopping in Dublin)

    Voyage fee:€200

    Age: 18-30


    There are Under 18 voyage options following these voyages but the recruitment is ticking along, however any enquires are appreciated so you could mention there are Under 18 voyages too and we can follow up with individual enquiries.

    PH: 01 855 9597 


















    Hugh Oram on the historic  port of Waterford anmd the Whytes can read more about the great Clippers in Daniel J Nolan’s fine book on the topic.....

    Kevin Kenny of Athy Heritage Centre has been in touch with a link to details of the James Caird installation  The website for the JamesCaird100   is

      , at the end of last year we spoke to Brendan O Brien , gransdson of Tom Crean about the vessel....


    Brendan O Brien  talking to Seascapes about the James Caird , to win those copies of Harding McGregor Dunnett’s book just name the whaling station that a hundred years ago last weekend  as Eugen Furlong reminded us was indentified  by Crean and Shackleton by the seal factory whistle.....



          “Next week here on Seascapes  we talk to Eimear Fitzgerald about the Cork Harbour Festival ; we’ll have music from The Molgoggers ;  Joe MagRiollaig brings us news of a Bord Iascaigh Mhara   initiative “Fishing  for Litter” ....we hear about the Rebel Plunge ; more on that bursary courtesy of Seascapes and Sail Training Ireland ..............all that and much here on Seascapes , until next Friday night , tight lines and fair sailing. “




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