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    Album of The Week: Billy Bragg - Tooth and Nail

    Album of The Week: Billy Bragg - Tooth and Nail

        This weeks album of the week is Billy Bragg - Tooth and Nail. Review Consequence of Between fiscal cliffs, a perilous economic recession, talk of drone attacks, and an overall cultural climate sharply divided between Democrats and Republicans and red and blue states, sometimes it feels like the fate of the world is hanging in a delicate balance. Billy Bragg, however, is a man built for these difficult times. A Dylan-esque poet with a punk rock heart, Bragg has built an earnest career over the past 30 years, one defined by a flagrant disregard for the status ...
    Playlist 22nd April 2013

    Playlist 22nd April 2013

    RTÉ Radio 1 Music Policy To complement the wide range of music on the RTÉ Radio 1 schedule, and to ensure our audience is kept abreast of contemporary music, a playlist system is in operation featuring the best of the current albums and singles. The tracks are rotated over the main daytime programmes and are updated every week. Tracks from the Radio 1 Album of the Week can be heard over the week on Risin' Time, The Ronan Collins Show and Late Date. (Tracks marked ** are new additions).


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