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The Ryan Tubridy Show Monday 23 November 2020

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show

The Ryan Tubridy Show is a fast paced entertaining and informative sixty minutes of morning radio.

News Round-Up of the Day

News Round-Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Ryan's attention.

The Never Forgotten Romanian Children

The Never Forgotten Romanian Children

Ryan Tubridy spoke to Galway based Ileana Cunniffe Baiescu about the amazing work she does reuniting families separated by adoption through her Facebook page - 'The Never Forgotten Children of Romania'. 

Ryan also talked to Mihaela Cooper about how Ileana helped put her back in touch with her birth family back in Romania.

Ileana regularly sends shoeboxes at Christmas to families in Romania. This year because of Covid she has set up a fundraiser. You can find out more info and donate here!

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We Are The Champions

We Are The Champions



Programme Highlights

Paul McGrath

Ryan caught up with Irish football legend, Paul McGrath, to talk about his involvement as an ambassador for Repak's Team Green and how he has been since the passing of his mother just a few weeks ago.

Mother in a Nursing Home

In February Laura drove her mother to a nursing home as her dementia was worsening by the day. Only a few weeks later Ireland went into lockdown. Laura spoke to Ryan about her incredible mother their heartbreaking separation.

Following Your Intuition

Darragh Carroll is a man who follows his own intuition and it has taken him on an extraordinary journey. Since last November he has been making his way from an island off Norway carrying a sacred flame which he is bringing to the hill of Uisneach.



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