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Friday 25th May

Best of the Week Podcast

This week Ryan spoke to Saoirse Ronan ahead of the release of 'On Chesil Beach'; Author Dervla McTiernan on her debut thriller “The Ruin”; Kevin Godley, from 10cc, on music, videos and Orson Welles; Cellist, Grainne Hope, on bringing music into the wards of children's hospitals; And Kiefer Sutherland on his music career and upcoming Dublin gig!

Elaine - Meeting Kiefer Sutherland

Elaine joined Ryan on the line to tell him about the time she met Kiefer Sutherland in Ireland!

Kiefer Sutherland

Acclaimed actor Kiefer Sutherland spoke to Ryan about his country-Americana music career ahead of his Dublin gig! Kiefer and his band play The Academy in Dublin on Saturday 30th June 2018 and tickets are on sale now!

News Round Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Ryan's attention.

Thursday 24th May

Jayden Lamcellari - Getting to Carnegie Hall

Ryan spoke to Jane Lamcellari in February who was in need of support for her hugely talented son Jayden. Jayden's story got a huge response from listeners including John McColgan who generously pledged to support Jayden's dream. Today Jayden joined Ryan on the line to give us an update on what has been happening since!

Grainne Hope - Kids' Classics

Grainne is a cellist and the artistic director of Kid's Classics which brings some of Ireland's leading professional musicians into the wards of Dublin’s children’s hospitals to spread fun, healing and happiness to the children, families and healthcare professionals within. She joined Ryan in studio to tell him all about her work!

Fear of Public Speaking

Ryan read an email from a listener whose son is suffering from anxiety because of a Junior Cert assessment that requires him to speak in public. And listeners got in touch to share their views on the matter.

News Round Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Ryan's attention.

Wednesday 23rd May

Kevin Godley - Orson Welles

Kevin not only gave us hits like 'I’m Not in Love' and 'Cry' but he also pretty much invented the music video! Formerly of 10cc, Kevin has been living in Ireland for the past few years and joined Ryan in studio to talk about his current project; a feature film about Orson Welles’ early acting career in Dublin!

News Round Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Ryan's attention.

Tuesday 22nd May

Andrew Scott's Mother Nora

Anthony Hopkins was a talking point on today's programme. We received a text from Andrew Scott's Mother Nora who has her own tale to tell about Sir Anthony. She joined Ryan on the line to tell us about the three dozen roses she received from him!

Dervla McTiernan - The Rúin

Irish Author Dervla McTiernan joined us from Perth, Australia to tell us all about her life and introduce us to her great new thriller called The Rúin.

News Round-Up

Ryan's musings on the news of the day that caught his eye.

Monday 21st May

Saoirse Ronan

At the tender age of 13 Saoirse was 'Briony' in the film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Atonement, fast forward 10 years as she brings McEwan’s work back to the big screen as 'Florence' in the eagerly awaited On Chesil Beach which opens in Irish cinemas on May 25th.

News Round-Up

Ryan's musings on the news of the day that caught his eye with listener reaction.

Friday 18th May

Best Of The Week Podcast

A selection of the best interviews from the last week.


Arnotts is celebrating 175 years in business and we've been giving away prizes all week.

Laureate Na nÓg

Sarah Crossan has just been appointed as the new Laureate Na nÓg and joined us in studio this morning.

Depression Letter Response

The listener who wrote to us about his current struggles with depression and suicide has been listening to all of your emails, texts and comments and got back in touch.

News Round-Up

Ryan's musings on the news of the day with listener reaction.

Thursday 17th May

Gerard Nolan - Former Arnotts Worker

Ryan made fast friends with dapper 94yr old Gerard Nolan today won the hearts of one and all with his tales and positivity. What a gent!

Live From Arnotts

Ryan is live from Arnotts in Dublin to celebrate their 175th birthday.

Wednesday 16th May


We'll be live in Arnotts tomorrow but in the mean time we are giving away lots of stuff!!

Westminster Rape Case Aquittal

Just under two years ago Samuel Armstrong was starting as a Conservative MP’s chief of staff in Westminster. But in one night his world was turned upside down when he was accused of the most serious of crimes

News Round-Up

The news of the day that caught Ryan's eye with listener reaction.

Tuesday 15th May


We'll be in Arnotts on Thursday morning for a live broadcast and in the mean time we have lots of Arnotts prizes to give away!


One of the newest museums on the scene is The Irish Emigration museum in Dublin called EPIC. Deputy Director Jessica Traynor joins us to tell us all about this very modern museum.

Darkness Into Light Email - Follow UP

Listeners felt compelled to get in touch after Ryan read out a letter we received from a man struggling with depression and suicide.

News Round-Up

The stories of the day that caught Ryan's eye.

Monday 14th May

Ron Suskind - Autism

Ron is an American Author, Journalist and Father to Adult son Owen who has Autism. He is in Ireland to speak about Autism at Spectrum Summit in Croke Park.

Darkness Into Light Letter

Following Darkness into Light we received an anonymous letter from a listener who is struggling.

News Round-Up

Ryan's musings on the news of the day that caught his eye.

Friday 11th May

Weekly Podcast

All the best interviews from the past week in one place.

David McCourt - Bringing Broadband to Ireland

David McCourt is the Irish-American billionaire businessman bringing broadband to Ireland.

Eurovision - Chinese Broadcaster Punished

Dancer Alan McGrath joins us Chinese Broadcaster Mango TV was barred from airing the contest after it censored Ireland's LGBT themed dance performance.

News Round-Up

The news of the day that caught Ryan's eye with listener reaction.

Thursday 10th May

Digital Detox for Teenagers

Anne heard us talking about teenagers and screen time and digital detoxing so she got in touch to tell us about a camp she’s running in Co. Clare...

Des Clarke in Iraq

Des Clark is Country Director for NGO Zoa in Iraq running various programmes for children and women affected by the conflict there. They provide safe spaces, shelter and catch up education programmes,

Kids GAA Sidelines

A few months back we had an email from a mum about her 10 year old son who loved GAA but was never played at matches and spent all his time on the sidelines. Yesterday, we received a follow up email from this boy’s mum.

News Round-Up

The news of the day that caught Ryan's eye with listener reaction.

Wednesday 9th May

Beverley Ward on Loss and Grief

Beverley Ward, writer of children's and women's contemporary fiction spoke to Ryan this morning about loss and grief.

The Floss Dance

Ryan, kept a close eye to Eurovision 2018 last night and noticed The Floss Dance. Lilly called into the show to tell us more about this new dance.

Tuesday 8th May

Ivor Prickett - Irish Photographer in Iraq

Ivor Prickett is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and winner of the top news prize at the recent World Press Photo Awards for his photographs of one of the worst human conflicts in recent years. Originally from Cork, Ivor joined Ryan on the line from Mosul in Iraq to tell him about his extraordinary work.

Unfaithful Husband

Ryan read an email from a listener whose husband has been unfaithful with a woman from his work. We also heard from people who got in touch to give their advice on the situation.

News Round Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Ryan's attention.

Monday 7th May

Sam Sheeran - Apprentice Gun Smith

Sam is on his way to achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a master gun smith. He joined Dave on the line to tell him how a little bit of luck, and the right timing, lead him to do something he loves!

Ally Bunbury - Infidelity

Author and PR Queen, Ally Bunbury, joined Dave in studio to talk about her new novel 'Infidelity'.

Rachael Kelly - Separating Art from the Artist

Rachael joined Dave on the line to discuss whether or not art can be viewed separately from the actions of those who make it, after the news that comedian Bill Cosby and filmmaker Roman Polanski have been expelled from The Academy.

Jack Kavanagh - Complaint Restraint

Jack has always been fascinated with human behaviour, why we act the way we do and how we can change our behaviour and thought patterns. He spoke to Dave about something he took part in called “Complaint Restraint” where you actively stop yourself from complaining about the small things!

IFI Independence Archive

An amazing archive called the Irish Independence Film Collection is available online now on the IFI Player showing 155 films of various Irish events from 1900 to 1930. Kasandra O’Connell, head of the Irish Film Archive, and Lar Joye, a former curator with the National Museum, joined Dave in studio to tell him all about it.

News Round Up of the Day

The stories and headlines of the day that grabbed Dave's attention and we heard from Jess who was at the Ed Sheeran concert in Cork last night!

Friday 4th May

Best of the Week Podcast

This week Ryan spoke to Ciara Duffy on the loss of her mother Chelene; Senior social worker and family therapist Madeleine Connolly on child-parent violence; Eithne Shortall on her new novel 'Grace After Henry'; Barry on his nasty cycling accident and road to recovery; and Eamon Ryan and his connection to the Von Trapp family!

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Programme Highlights

Claire Throssell

In October 2014 Claire's sons Jack and Paul were murdered by their father. Since then, Claire has been campaigning for vital, life-saving changes to the way family courts operate in the UK.

Chi-Chi Nwanoku OBE

Acclaimed double bass player and professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Chi-Chi Nwanoku OBE spoke to Ryan Tubridy about the extraordinary and poignant story of how her Irish mother met her Nigerian father in the 1950's.

Misha Glenny, author of McMafia

McMafia is a new drama on BBC featuring a rich Russian family living in London. The series is based on a book written by Misha Glenny in 2008 but which he says is still very relevant with so many Russian oligarchs buying property and settling there



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