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Ray Darcy Monday 23 March 2020

Ray's Press up Challenge!! Ray is pledging to do 3000 push ups over the month of April - He is doing it to raise money for Laura Lynn if you would like to donate click here

Ray has put together a nice calm playlist give it a listen and let us know what you think

The Ray D'Arcy Show

The Ray D'Arcy Show

It's all about life.

Tips on How To Work From Home

Tips on How To Work From Home

Ray spoke to Ciara O'Brien the business and technology journalist with the Irish Times who had some handy tips on how to work from home

Video calling: 


Whatsapp, Zoom, Houseparty, Skype


up to four participants to video call with each other using WhatsApp.

Already have a group? Go to the group you want to video call. Tap new call, choose up to three others

To start a new video call: Open whatsapp, click new call, new group call, pick your participants and start the video call. 


setting up a group video

Usually used for meetings,

You can give people the code to join your video chat or you can start the meeting yourself and then invite them once it's up and running, either through your Zoom contacts list, or through sharing the web address via email or text message. 

Participants that you invite don’t need an account, and the basic account is free. 

Free accounts are limited to 100 participants in a meeting, and up to 40 minutes for group chats. One on ones are unlimited. 


For up to eight people

People need to be on houseparty to join a chat 

You give the app access to your contacts, and to contacts on facebook etc. Then you click on the + button in the corner, and select which friends you want to invite to the "room". Can video chat, play games like quick draw 

See who friends are talking to, join conversations. 

There’s also an option for "ghosting" a friend, if you want to fly under the radar a bit. You won’t get their "in the house " notifications. 

Education and Learning

Abc Phonics: Colourful app to teach children phonics basics. 

Originator Endless Learning Academy: Early learning covering maths, reading, music, languages

Khan Kids (2-7 years of age): Early learning app

Khan Academy: Online learning and practice, covering everything from maths and science to coding and entrepreneurship. 

Brit+co: Online courses on everything from flower arranging and calligraphy to coding and Printables for schoolchildren

Folens: Making their books and resources available online for free 


Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube: Short yoga sessions for children

The Body Coach:  Joe Wicks is holding a PE class every morning at 9am live, also has five minute movement videos for children, plus adult workouts 

Go Noodle: Child focused videos designed to get them moving


Headspace app 

Calm app

The Space Online: yoga and meditation via Zoom.

The Ray D'Arcy Show - Full Show

On today's show, Astronaut Chris Hadfield on isolation, tech advice on working from home, Ringsend Bingo, The All Ireland Quiz and Conor Pope with Pricewatch


                                                 The Ray D'Arcy Show All Ireland Quiz

Tipperary v Leitrim - Winner Leitrim 
Donegal v Mayo - Winner Donegal
Limerick v Dublin - Winner Limerick
Waterford v Westmeath  - Winner Waterford
Clare v  Kildare - Winner Kildare 
Fermanagh V Monaghan - Winner Fermanagh
Kerry v Roscommon - Winner Roscommon
Tyrone v Carlow - Winner Tyrone
Louth v Kilkenny
Laois v Wicklow 
Longford v Down 
Meath v Cork 
Armagh v Offaly 
Cavan v Galway 
Antrim v Derry 
Sligo v Wexford 

Music Played on the Show

Gimme Some Truth

Gimme Some Truth

John Lennon




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