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Ray Darcy Thursday 5 December 2019


The Ray D'Arcy Show

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On today's show, Mark Deely brother of missing Trevor Deely, Accessibility of Dublin Bus, Sustainable Clothing, The Wild Card of Stand Up and Be Funny and How to survive Christmas with Ray and Allison

Missing Trevor Deely

This Sunday marks the 19th year of the disappearance of Trevor Deely. Trevor, who was 22 at the time, vanished without a trace as he walked home from his Christmas party to his apartment in Ballsbridge.
CCTV from that night shows Trevor walking across Baggot Street Bridge towards Haddington Road at 4.14am
Since his disappearance, a new investigation has been opened, enhanced CCTV has been released, and an extensive search of a site in Chapelizod has been done by Gardaí, However, Trevor’s family are still no closer to the truth about what happened that night, Mark Deely, Trevor’s brother talks to Ray this afternoon

Anyone with information on Trevor’s disappearance can contact the Crimestoppers anonymously on 1800-250025.

Accessibility on Public Transport

Accessibility on Public Transport

Since 2008, Roger Flood has been working tirelessly as a travel assistant, helping people with a wide range of additional needs to navigate the city's bus and rail network. Roger talks about this along with service user Joe Doyle, who has been helped by Roger

Relationship Advice with Ray & Allison

Relationship Advice with Ray & Allison

Our relationship experts are back, Allison Keating psychologist and Ray O’Neill, psychoanalyst are in studio this afternoon to answer all the listeners' relationship queries and questions. 

                                                                     Tips for Surviving Christmas

1.    Do something this Christmas that is generous for you, not for family, in-laws, 

2.    If there is some gift you can afford, then don’t depend on Santa, be your own elf. Honour your own value and worth, by having something you would actually like in your stocking.

3.    Don’t waste money or energy buying gifts and abetting consumerist nonsense for people who don’t appreciate or reciprocate.

4.    No matter how difficult your Christmas may be, there is always someone not too far away having it worse. If you can’t find a way to make it less difficult for yourself, at least find a way to make it less difficult for them.

5.    In all the insanity and pressure to be having fun, find some time and space to be still, to be present. This is the most needed present.

6.    Sometimes the best New Year’s resolution is not repeating patterns of overpriced nights out drinking yourself into unconsciousness to convince yourself and others just how happy you are.

7.    It is better to make one resolution you will commit to than a list that disappoints.

8.    Reflect on and write down one thing from 2019 you would like to celebrate, one to change and one to be rid of. Make sure in twelve month’s times you are not writing the exact same list.

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