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Ray Darcy Monday 2 December 2019

Christmas Card For Barry 

You might remember Barry Connolly from Co.Meath, who loved receiving cards and after we spoke to his mum Sharon about it, Barry received over 4,800 birthday cards in September of this year. 

Well, we’ve had an email in to the show saying;

"Could you please email me name & address for Barry, the 30 year old that his Mam asked for cards for his birthday this year.

I can't find his details ( in spite of knowing I saved them) & would like to send a Christmas Card...thank you"

Kind Regards 

Mary Frances

We’ve checked with Barry’s mum Sharon and she’s ok with us sharing the address again and that’s Barry Connolly, Carranstown, Ballivor, Co Meath

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On today's show - acts of kindness instead of homework, what to do if your child swallows Dettol, Pricewatch with Conor Pope, presents for Children in Direct Provision and Who made the better Yule Log Ray or Donnacha O Callaghan

What Happens When Your Child Drinks Dettol

What Happens When Your Child Drinks Dettol

Karen Power was faced with every parent’s worst nightmare in September. One moment, she was mopping the floor, and then, in the blink of an eye, she found herself dashing to Temple Street Hospital with a Garda escort after her 18 month old Thomas swallowed cleaning fluid. Karen and her husband Derek chat to Ray

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Conor Pope joins us once again to champion your consumer issues, if you have a consumer problem you can send it to

Gifts For Children In Direct Provision

Gifts For Children In Direct Provision

On Saturday, December 14th there will be a big celebration in Dalymount Park in Dublin. It’s a special Christmas Party for children who are living in Direct Provision in Ireland. There’ll be 522 children there and Dan Lambert – who is the Marketing Director with Bohemians Football Club  - wants your help to give every child there a gift. 

You can donate to their paypal account by clicking here 


You can drop a gift off to The Bang Bang Cafe 59A Leinster St North Dublin 7 

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I Get The Sweetest Feeling

I Get The Sweetest Feeling

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