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Ray Darcy Thursday 22 August 2019

Christmas Card For Barry 

You might remember Barry Connolly from Co.Meath, who loved receiving cards and after we spoke to his mum Sharon about it, Barry received over 4,800 birthday cards in September of this year. 

Well, we’ve had an email in to the show saying;

"Could you please email me name & address for Barry, the 30 year old that his Mam asked for cards for his birthday this year.

I can't find his details ( in spite of knowing I saved them) & would like to send a Christmas Card...thank you"

Kind Regards 

Mary Frances

We’ve checked with Barry’s mum Sharon and she’s ok with us sharing the address again and that’s Barry Connolly, Carranstown, Ballivor, Co Meath

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On today's show, Teenage Ambassadors a new TV documentary, Noeleen Blackwell on the length of time it takes for a rape case to get to trial, Maeve Mullen from Finders International and Paralympian Jason Smith on Toyko 2020

Teenage Ambassadors - TV Documentary

Teenage Ambassadors - TV Documentary

Natasha Maimba and Minahil Sarfraz met whilst growing up as asylum seekers in Direct Provision, their childhoods spent in cramped caravans on the outskirts of Athlone. Both spent years in limbo, not knowing if they would be able to stay in the country they were making a home. Their mothers were not allowed to work and were denied basic citizenship rights. Finally granted leave to remain, this film will follow the journey of these articulate, intelligent and funny young women as they prepare to sit their Leaving Cert exams. Natasha and Minahil came into studio to talk to Ray more this afternoon

Rape Cases Coming to Trial

Rape Cases Coming to Trial

The length of time it takes to get a case to trial when it involves rape or sexual assaults is putting off some people in continuing with their cases.

Noeline Blackwell, Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is in studio this afternoon to talk to Ray 

If you have been affected by anything that we’ve talked about, the Rape Crisis Centre’s National 24 hour helpline is 1800 77 8888 

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