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Ray Darcy Wednesday 17 July 2019

 Well we know that it is November but here is Ray's new playlist, aptly named October List - Let us know what you think of it to

The Ray D'Arcy Show

The Ray D'Arcy Show

It's all about life.

Day Light Savings

Dr Conor Mulvagh of UCD explains the history of daylight savings in Ireland.

Non Traditional Marriage Celebrations

As the popularity of non traditional marriage celebration grows in Ireland, Ray chats with Independent Celebrant Yvonne Cassidy, Humanist Celebrant Brian Whiteside and Spiritualist Celebrant Enda Harte.

Elon Musk's Brain Implants

Elaine Burke from Silicon Republic explains tech billionaire Elon Musk's recent launch of Neuralink, bluetooth-enabled implants into your brain.

Endurance Athelete and Fitness Coach Shane Finn

Endurance Athlete and fitness coach Shane Finn tells Ray about his recent achievement of running from the east coast to the west coast in the US for charity.

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Town Called Malice

Town Called Malice

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