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Ray Darcy Tuesday 5 December 2017


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On today's show, Smart phone addictions, what 2017 has been like for the Village of KiltyClogher, Portmagee is now Porguemagee and weight lifting extreme curvature of the spine

Looking Back at 2017 - The Village of Kiltyclogher



Back in the Summer we featured the KiltyLive campaign on our show – and that campaign was aimed at attracting new families to Kiltyclogher in Co Leitrim in order to keep the primary school open. More than 7 families moved up!! We had some of them on the show the day before the school opened in September.

It’s been some year for the village – so back in studio we’ve new residents Tammy Farlane, Carol McGowan 
On the phone is Susan Carton – who was secretary of the campaign and Rachel Ashe who moved up from East Wall in Dublin

Extreme Curvature of the Spine and Weigh Lifting


 Eva Butterly is 26 and she’s from Dublin, she has worked as a model and an actress. Eva was diagnosed with an extreme curvature of the spine as a preteen but in recent years she has found that lifting weights has dramatically improved her condition. Eva tells Ray more this afternoon

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Lovely Leitrim

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