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Ray Darcy Monday 6 November 2017

Sandi Mann - 'Ten Minutes to Happiness' a daily journal to be completed in six parts

1. What experiences, however mundane, gave you pleasure?

2. What praise and feedback did you receive?

3. What were the moments of pure good fortune?

4. What were your achievements, however small?

5. What made you feel grateful?

6. How did you express kindness?

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The Ray D'Arcy Show

The Ray D'Arcy Show

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On today's show, Long lost library book, renting in Ireland, help find a lost wallet and Claire Molloy captain of the Womens Irish Rugby team.

The Housing Crisis

The Housing Crisis

Tony Treacy is 77 years old. Tony like many people across the country has found himself in the midst of a housing crisis. Tony is currently in private rented accommodation and was given five months notice to vacate the apartment. The landlord has every right to do. Ray talks to Tony and his daughter Ruth this afternoon

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Pricewatch - Conor Pope

Conor Pope joins us once again to champion your consumer issues, if you have a consumer problem you can send it to

Can You Help Find This Lost Wallet


We got this email at the weekend and hoping our listeners can help us at 51551 or


I wonder if you could mention on your radio show about me been robbed. I was in Dublin last Thursday 26th October. (Thursday before last) 
I was in Henry street and between 4 pm and 5.15 I was robbed of my wallet. I never noticed anything till I went into Penny's and saw my ruck sack open and wallet missing... Maybe the person who took this would take the money(over€300) and return my rectangular royal blue wallet.
It contained a lot of personal stuff including paper cuttings and pictures of my son whom I buried last January.
This has traumatised me so much. I told security people, the guards and the men in charge of where bins are emptied. These people were so helpful and caring that it restores ones faith and trust in humanity. Thanking you in advance


Yours Mary 

The Captain of Ireland's Rugby Team - Claire Molloy

The Captain of Ireland's Rugby Team - Claire Molloy

Claire Molloy led the most recent Irish Women's Rugby World Cup team as Captain, she was also voted Ireland’s women’s player of the year. What you might not know is that her day job is an Accident and Emergency Doctor. She joins me now in studio to chat about women in sport, health and her own very unique life. 

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