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RTÉ Radio 1 Recommends September 11th 2020

1.   Melody Gardot and Sting - Little Something https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

2.  Tolu Makay – Don't Let Gohttp://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

3. Ultan Conlan  Katie Theasby - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road  http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg  https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

4.  Emma Langford -  Birdsonghttp://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

5.  New Order – Be A Rebel https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

6.  Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Letter To You https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

7.  Maria Shiel – Calling Me Back  http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

8. Ksenia Parkhatskaya - Rose And Blue  http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

9.  Bradley Marshall - Lost http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg   https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

10. Paloma Faith – Better Than This

11. Ana Krantz – We Could Be High http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

12.  Jo Petit – Stressed Out   


1.  U2 and Elton John - Bang A Gong  https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

2.  Pete Kavanagh – Hold The Red Rosehttp://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

3. Cellar Club – Keep Coming Backhttp://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

4. Chloe Burke – Breathe  http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

RTÉ Radio 1 Album of The Week - Zero's from Declan Mc Kenna


RTÉ Radio 1 Music Policy

With more than 40 hours of music on RTE Radio 1 every single week, we want to ensure the best music for our listeners is played. Every fortnight we have a new playlist of the best of the new releases from Irish and international acts. And there's always an album of the week. The tracks are rotated over the main daytime programmes and are updated every week.

Tracks from the Radio 1 Album of the Week can be heard over the week on Rising Time, The Ronan Collins Show and Late Date. (Tracks marked ** are new additions). We hope you enjoy the music...



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