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Young Blood – Sophie Ellis Baxter

High Hopes – Bruce Springsteen

Happy Day – Damien Dempsey  

Torrent - Asgier

Happy - Pharrell Williams 

One Day – Caro Emerald

Pack up Lady – Morrissey and Marshall

Weapons – Hudson Taylor

Old Country – Tupelo

Fools Complaint – Suzanne Vega

I’m Back - Evistan  

Better Things a Comin’ - Derek Ryan  

RTÉ Radio 1 Album of The Week: Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles – Suzanne Vega

 The weeks RTÉ Radio 1 Album of the week is Suzanne Vega - Tales From the Realm of The Queen of Pentacles.

Here is what Cooking Vinyl had to say....

Vega’s much-welcomed first new material in seven years.

By Andy Fyfe February 3, 2014 ( Also their Album of the Week that week)

Whatever made Vega spend her last four years re-recording her own back catalogue as four themed albums – like someone re-filing their CDs from alphabetical into ‘feel’ – it seems to have unblocked whatever was preventing her from releasing new material. And to celebrate, here is the folky singer-songwriter in totally new guise: Suzanne Vega, Rock Chick. Well, not quite, but in a career more noted for hushed moments it’s still a surprise to hear electric guitars played in anger. And it’s a good look. Vega dips into the Tarot for songs about spiritual growth, death, the afterlife and Vaclav Havel, while an array of session superheroes – among them Larry Campbell and Gail Ann Dorsey – fill the album with crackling electricity that even gets a little menacing on live showstopper I Never Wear White. It’s hardly Dylan goes electric, but the intent is much the same.




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