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Thursday 24th June

Playback Daily Thurs 24 June

Do the British and Irish have the same sense of humour? Britney Spears conservatorship and when a child commits murder...

Tuesday 22nd June

Playback Daily Podcast 22 June 2021

Looking for a bargain? What about a sale that charges you more, not less? Your car is a plastic bag and it needs to have a levy on it; And when your child has to leave primary school for the final time and you’re not invited...

Monday 21st June

Playback Daily Mon 21 June

Summer Solstice, Kin of Kweens in Cork and learning how to get some sleep...

Friday 18th June

Playback - June 19th

This week on Playback. Nasty, Brutish and short – Edwin Poots resigns as DUP leader after only 21 days. We get jiggy with pigeons and slugs. And the latest on Covid – it’s good news – honest. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 18th June

Playback Daily June 18

Magnet fishing, litter on our beaches & mountains & Gráinne Seoige looks ahead to the IFTA's. All this & more on Friday's edition of Playback Daily.

Thursday 17th June

Playback Daily Thursday 17 June 2021

Witness the battle of the Ryans: yes, it’s Tubridy vs Gosling; When that gig you missed was much better than that gig you actually were at; And working in a job for a year without ever finding out how tall your colleagues are...

Wednesday 16th June

Playback Daily Weds 16 June

Stop picking up wild baby animals, retail staff putting up with abusive customers and do young people really not know how to clean?

Tuesday 15th June

Playback Daily Podcast Tuesday 15 June 2021

Are you sure your flight to Sydney isn’t actually descending into Perth? Why you should be careful where you tread around fairy forts; And the little sliothar that could...

Monday 14th June

Playback Daily Mon 14 June

Climb every mountain and some hills too, fitness goals and the importance of CPR in emergency situations...

Friday 11th June

Playback - June 12th

This week on Playback. Sure they were all it – political parties defend the practice of the posing pollster. Eavesdropping on organized crime with Operation Trojan Shield. And just why are poets so popular in June? All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 11th June

Playback Daily Fri 11 June

Big DIY Challenge winner on the shipping container that changed her life, finding a new home for a hive and a glimpse into life in the abbey...

Thursday 10th June

Playback Daily Thurs 10 June

Eight grand bill for unpaid tolls, that solar eclipse and helping others to overcome adversity...

Wednesday 9th June

Playback Daily Weds 9 June

Cracking crime on an international scale, a disappearing house and why English sausages matters to Joe Biden.

Tuesday 8th June

Playback Daily 8 June

Finding love after lockdown, pregnancy, Covid & the vaccine & Minister for Education Norma Foley on the Leaving Certificate.

Monday 7th June

Playback Daily Mon June 7

Bafta win for Paul Mescal, getting on the road again in a camper van and Brendan Grace's family on his life and loss...

Friday 4th June

Playback - June 5th

This week on Playback. Have Prosecco – will need Portaloo - the messy reality of our outdoor summer. Take that Andorra – just about - Stephen Kenny’s team finally comes good. And are we about to say goodbye to Joe’s ‘Wash Your hands’? All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Thursday 3rd June

Playback Daily Thurs 3rd June

Early Birds vs Night Owls, Jamie O'Connell on his debut novel, Super Small Spaces and plenty more on this edition of Playback Daily

Wednesday 2nd June

Playback Daily Wed June 2

Over protective gull parents, letters to Gay and treating the mental health of some of the world's most violent offenders...

Tuesday 1st June

Playback Daily Tues 1st June

Getting your head around how the brain works, cheers to the return of the Black Stuff, Zorro’s Wexford roots and plenty more on this edition of Playback Daily

Monday 31st May

Playback Daily Mon May 31

More problems for the Irish Honey Bee, a critical eye on the Riverdance movie and making new friends as an adult...

Friday 28th May

Playback - May 29th

This week on Playback. International travel in July, music festivals in the Phoenix park and a pint inside – we get the lowdown on the easing of restrictions. As well as Mickey Mouse and copyright law and so-called fair trade cocaine on the dark net. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 28th May

Playback Daily 28 May

The real life story behind a novel about stalking, a dramatic river rescue and Whoa Nelly, the price of a bike is on the up...

Thursday 27th May

Playback Daily 27 May

The problem with pigeon poo, bitey spiders, an expedition to hell and having mental illness when you're a parent...

Wednesday 26th May

Playback Daily Weds 26 May

Seagulls that are not actually seagulls, how high street shops can survive and an all-star show as Friends reunite

Tuesday 25th May

Playback Daily Tuesday 25 May 2021

How to take your family camping and not regret it; Why you feel the urge to leave the room when someone else is eating; And a big list of books full of filth that should be banned forever to protect our children...

Monday 24th May

Playback Daily 24 May

How confidence works, who cares for the carers after covid? and How does if be 80? Bob Dylan's birthday...

Friday 21st May

Playback - May 22nd

This week on Playback. Decryption keys and data dumping - we get the latest on this most ruthless of crimes. Toilet roll holders, treadmills and the Turkey – it’s Eurovision time. And just how large is the largest raindrop? All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 21st May

Playback Daily - Fri 21 May

Celebrating the music & legacy of Bob Dylan ahead of his 80th birthday, supporting Irish women to breastfeed & Lesley Roy on Eurovision disappointment. All that on more on today's edition of Playback Daily

Thursday 20th May

Playback Daily Thurs 20th May

A school project that’s been going on for 63 years, the HSE cyber-attack from a patient’s perspective, and the science of weather forecasting explained – this and more on Playback Daily for Thursday the 20th of May

Wednesday 19th May

Playback Daily 19 May

Making 'My Octopus Teacher', the Eurovision, Dr Memory and keeping yourself cybersafe...

Tuesday 18th May

Playback Daily Tues 18th May

Dr. Harry Barry on coping with change, all eyes on Lesley Roy, and the latest on the cyber-attack on our health system – This and more on Playback Daily for Tuesday the 18th of May

Monday 17th May

Playback Daily 17 May

The true story behind Corrie's hate crime drama, Love Island's Dr Alex and an insight into hacking...

Friday 14th May

Playback - May 15th

This week on Playback. Cybercrime and ransoms – our IT system under attack. Dawkins and O’Connor go toe to toe on matters of morality and logic. And imperfect gods, stolen ducklings and how best to break up with a book. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 14th May

Playback Daily 14 May

Dr Michael Moseley on the little things that improve your health, a cyber attack on our health service and more on the menopause...

Thursday 13th May

Playback Daily May 13

The situation in Gaza, politics on screen from The West Wing to The Thick of It and the heydays of carefree hitch hiking...

Wednesday 12th May

Playback Daily 12 May

YIMBG's Yes in my back garden, our obsession with slang and the Irish turn of phrase and whoah Listoonvarna...

Tuesday 11th May

Playback Daily Tuesday 11 May 2021

There’s a ducknapper at large in Dublin; How the property game is weighted against all singletons; And a big list of books you can take with you on your definitely-happening staycation this summer...

Monday 10th May

Playback Daily 10 May

Easing some of the restrictions, an appointment with Penneys and continuing the conversation on the menopause...

Friday 7th May

Playback - May 8th

This week on Playback. Generation rent, big investors and the housing crisis. Joe talks to women about the menopause. And germs, dirt and downright filth – is it time to welcome back the good microbes? All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 7th May

Playback Daily - Friday 7 May

Ardal O' Hanlon on his documentary Holy F, excitement about inter-country travel & callers to Liveline continue the discussion about menopause.

Thursday 6th May

Playback Daily -Thurs 6 May

Foraging in your own back garden, tackling racism in schools & a young musician shares an inspirational story. All this & more on today's edition of Playback Daily.

Wednesday 5th May

Playback Daily May 5

Speaking out about the Menopause, an insight into the legal profession and breaking out the glad rags again...

Tuesday 4th May

Playback Daily May 4

Force shut down on another tech millionaire’s marriage, learning languages online, the magic of West Cork place-names and plenty more on Playback Daily for Tuesday the 4th of May

Monday 3rd May

Playback Daily May 3

Journalist and broadcaster Eamonn Dunphy on 1990, Roy Keane and living in lockdown, Barry Lang in the air and on the air, and learning to live with germs after Covid.

Friday 30th April

Playback - May 1

This week on Playback. Short, back and sides and maybe even a pint? We get the low down on the easing of restrictions. Political anoraks are donned with high profile resignations and heaves. And cherry blossoms, compo and the importance of ‘voo’. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 30th April

Playback Daily April 30

Love in the time of Covid, Motorhome and caravan scams and The Flumps...

Thursday 29th April

Playback Daily April 29

C'mon May 10th, the heady mix of sports and politics and facing into trauma with grace...

Wednesday 28th April

Playback Daily Wednesday 28 April 2021

How to stop Cork City from falling down; It’s time to up your picnic game for the summer; And the best harness for when you take your goat for a walk...

Tuesday 27th April

Playback Daily Tuesday 27 April 2021

It’s time to ask who owns the legacy of Michael Collins; Yes, you do actually want a cowboy to make your bookcase; And it’s Hopkins vs Burton Dawn of Poetic Justice...

Monday 26th April

Playback Daily April 26

The challenges of growing up deaf in Ireland, finding the good in lock down and the creators of Gun plot...

Friday 23rd April

Playback - April 24th

This week on Playback. We crunch the numbers on our climate emergency. Skin and hair fly when we saddle up for the Enda and Joe Show. And smut, filth and vice – we get a potted history of banned books. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.

Friday 23rd April

Playback Daily - Fri 23 April

Pride of Pontypridd Tom Jones, a simple tale about life’s big questions and a David v Goliath fight for the truth - and plenty more on this edition of Playback Daily

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