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We catch up with young musician Remy Naidoo who got her big break on this programme and is now featuring on the Voice; we hear about Linguaswap – a new way to learn a foreign language; and the search for a child star to rival Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney continues...

Search for a Child Star

Search for a Child Star

As you probably know by now, Shirley Temple very sadly died on Monday 10th February, aged 85. But although any death is a sad occasion, in the case of Shirley Temple, there is so much to celebrate about her truly remarkable life.

Well, they say when one door closes, another one opens. And by way of honouring the memory of Shirley Temple, we on MOONEY are launching a search for a new stage prodigy for the 21st century. .... A bright young star to join the long list of youngsters who have brightened up our screens, our stages, and our music players over the decades.

In short, were looking for the next Shirley Temple, if you’re a girl. Or the next Mickey Rooney, if you’re a boy! Remember Mickey Rooney??? Another great and long-lasting talent, throughout the last century.

So, what exactly are we looking for?

Well, you must be under 10 years of age.

You must be prepared to demonstrate your talent to the world. And by talent, we are keeping the door wide open for singers, comedians, yodellers, ventriloquists.............. well, it's radio. Maybe not ventriloquists!

And you must, of course, have the permission of your parents.

How do you enter??? Well, much like our "singing in the shower" competition, we want you to record yourself doing your little routine, no more than 3 minutes duration.

You can record on your iPhone, your smart phone, your computer, if it has the facility. Or even a more professional facility, if you want.

And then e-mail your entry

Put the title "search for a child star" on the subject field of your e-mail.

And who knows?? If you are good enough, we might find a special outlet for your talents.... ? There's a little concert we run on this show .... It takes place show twice a year, in a certain premiere theatre venue ..... With a certain top-class orchestra???

We are really looking forward to hearing all your entries. Closing Date for all entries is Friday 28th February 2014

This is a link to Hunter Hayes, the Country Music Singer,when he was age 4 singing with Hank Williams Jr.



Remy Naidoo

Remy Naidoo

We catch up with young musician Remy Naidoo who got her big break on this programme and is now featuring on The Voice

Michael Gannon

Michael Gannon

Lots of countries have national broadcasters.  Ireland has RTE.  The UK has the BBC  -  and the world’s smallest country, The Vatican, has ‘Vatican TV’ and ‘Vatican Radio’ – which was set up in 1931 by Guglielmo Marconi himself!

It’s run by the Jesuit Order and 200 journalists worldwide help supply it with programming including one Irish intern! The first ever intern in Vatican Radio!

His name is Michael Gannon, he is 33 years old, he’s from Newbridge. He’s training to be a journalist and he is an Ambassador for Down Syndrome Ireland.

He was in Rome with Downs Syndrome Ireland. Sean Patrick Lovett is the Director of English language programming in Vatican Radio and he gave Michael a placement at the radio station. So Michael, his Mum and his Dad took an apartment in Rome for 2 weeks while Michael did his placement.

Good Morning Kildare

Good Morning Kildare

Good Morning Kildare and Ireland was set up a year ago last March.

This Project is a friendly Phone Call Service to anyone in Ireland who would like to receive a phone call FREE OF CHARGE, from one of our trained Garda Vetted Operators. We discuss everyday topics such as weather, soaps, farming, sports, any Good news in the papers etc. The picture shows the committee with Brenda Donohue in Allenwood in their offices.

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At Last My Love Has Come Along

At Last My Love Has Come Along

Remy Naidoo




Remy Naidoo




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