Mooney, Tuesday December 17th 2013

On Mooney today...

On Mooney today...

As the very last Volkswagon Kombi rolls of the production line, we speak to a couple of Irish enthusiasts who tell us why they love this iconic vehicle, and we’ll look back on a great night of music at Mooney Tunes 9!

Mooney's Merry Messages!

Mooney's Merry Messages!

Christmas is a special time when, if we’re lucky, we get to spend precious moments with the friends and family we love.

For many that means making the long trip home – or jetting off to foreign parts to be with our nearest and dearest. But for others, being together is simply not an option.

Whatever YOUR situation, here on Mooney we want to help make your Christmas the best ever. On Monday, Brenda will be out in Dublin Airport waving off the travellers and welcoming back those returning home.

And if YOU can’t be with the one you love, we want you to send us in your Christmas message to them, along with a request for a piece of music that means something special to you at this time of year.

You can send a text to 51551 whilst the programme is on air (3-4.30pm, Monday - Friday) or you can e-mail or tweet us anytime: or @MooneyShow. Tell us your story, send us your message and we’ll do the rest on Mooney’s Merry Messages – this coming Monday from 3pm.

End Of The Volkswagen Camper Van

You might have heard that Volkswagen Brazil has discontinued production of the Volkswagen Type 2 (or known to some as the Transporter/Kombi/Camper). The Type 2 bus has been in production since 1967 until 1979 and when the German production line ceased Volkswagen Brazil took up production of the vehicle there.

The Kombi being built in Brazil

Well earlier today, Derek met Darren O’Bierne, a Kildare man who has been a Volkswagen enthusiast for decades, and he brought along his newly restored 1979 Volkswagen Microbus into RTÉ. Derek spoke to Darren and fellow Vdub enthusiast Michael Lawless, who owns a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle & a 1971 Volkswagen Microbus. Michael is currently restoring his bus at the moment.

Derek with Darren and his restored VW Kombi Van

Interior of Darren's restored VW Kombi Van

Interior of Darren's restored VW Kombi Van

Mikey Lawless' VW collection

If you want to get involved with the Volkswagen scene in Ireland you can join Irelands’ largest air cooled car club – and it doesn’t have to be just Volkswagens, Porsches, Citroens, and Fiats are all welcome. The forum is free to the public, and the club presents itself at different shows across the country throughout the year, but for more information, visit

Review Of Mooney Tunes 9

Well, the Bord Gais Energy Theatre was the place to be last night for the ninth Mooney Tunes concert. A galaxy of stars trod the boards, with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra under the baton of David Brophy.

Brian Deady, Chloe Agnew, Jack L, Colm O'Regan, Claudia Boyle and Paul Potts all played their part, to make it a memorable Mooney Tunes and send the audience off in festive form.

Brenda was there to capture the commotion backstage and in the foyer, and to chat to the wonderful Paul Potts

Derek and Paul Potts on stage

Brenda also talked to Chloe Agnew. A daughter of Adele King, aka Twink, Chloe is a former member of Celtic Woman turned solo singer, and she chatted about performing onstage alongside the RTÉ Concert Orchestra - a group of musicians that include her father David!

And if you weren't able to get a ticket, fear not: Mooney Tunes 9 will be broadcast this Christmas Day on RTÉ Radio 1, from 1.15pm - 3pm. To see more pictures from Mooney Tune 9, visit the Radio 1 Facebook page.

An Post's Lost Post

An Post's Lost Post

Lots of you will have been to the Post Office in recent days, posting your Christmas cards, maybe sending parcels abroad – maybe to children who have emigrated.

And you probably know their correct address! But... what if you get a digit wrong? What if you say '7 Main Road' instead of '17 Main Road'? What if your handwriting is a little bit 'illegible'?

What if your letter never makes it to its intended destination?

Well, if it has an Irish stamp it comes home to LIMERICK, to An Post’s 'National Returned Letter Centre' on the Dock Road. And the staff there are expert super-sleuths who try to reunite the post with its sender – but there are just some things that fall between the cracks...

Adrian Gordon is the Operations Manager with An Post in Limerick, and he is in our Limerick studio this afternoon to tell us more about the National Returned Letter Centre...

If you think an item of post has got lost:

Don’t contact Limerick directly to try to find your item. Ring Customer Service in Dublin who will look it up in the logged items for you. If they find it they will send it onto you at no cost to you.

What to do to avoid items being lost and destroyed:

Display a return address on the outside of every item of post you send. Also, CHECK THE ADDRESS. There is an online address checker on or you could just simply ring the person to ask.

To find out more about the Christmas posting dates, visit

Motoring Issues, With Michael Sheridan

Motoring Correspondent with, Michael Sheridan, is back in studio this afternoon! It's that time of year when people are looking to up-grade their cars - Michael has advice on the best options available to people for buying cars, HP rates, PCP, swappage, downsizing and windscreen wipers being replaced by soundwaves!


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