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    Derek Mooney with his unique mix of conversation, information, advice and entertainment

    We have music from on high as the Steeple Sessions help celebrate 150 years of Unitarianism in Dublin. Gardener Dermot O'Neill answers all of your horticulural queries, and we discover why 170 artists are out and about in Wexford, painting the great outdoors!


    Romanian Film Dubbing

    For the generation of Romanians who grew up under Nicolae Ceausescu, the voice of our next guest may well have brought them hours of solace during that bleak and terrible era.

    Irina Margareta Nistor was an employee at the State Censorship Committee when in 1986 until the Communist regime collapsed, she began a second and illicit job dubbing more than 5,000 mainly Hollywood movies. They were banned and had to be smuggled into the country. She’s voiced everyone from Jesus to Bruce Lee to Baloo from The Jungle Book, and she has the most recognised voice in Romania!

    And she joins us on the line today from Bucharest to tell us about the most amazing career...


    Art In The Open


    If you click on the above video, you'll hear Don McLean’s much loved song Vincent (Starry Starry Night). It evokes beautiful images of artists out in the elements painting the landscape:

    "Paint your palette blue and grey,
    look out on a summer’s day,
    ... shadows on the hill..."

    and the beautiful lyrics:

    "colours changing hue, morning field of Amber grain
    Are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand"

    Why are artists from all over the world gathering outside in scenic areas in Co Wexford to paint the landscape? Mary Kingston headed off to Carne Beach in Co Wexford to meet some landscape painters....

    Mary Kingston with Finnish artist Antti Rautiola

    Art in the Open, Ireland’s International Plein Air Painting Festival, is the largest painting event in the country, and one of the more interesting events are the Paint-Outs.

    Mary Kingston with Wexford artist Karen Scannell

    Mary met Karen Scannell from Co. Wexford, Valerie Craig from Pennsylvania, Leon Holmes from Australia, Antti Rautiola from Finland, and Adam, Andrew and Brandon, holiday makers from Carne Caravan Park.

    The Art in the Open Festival began on Monday (July 29th), and runs until next Tuesday (August 6th). The best of the Plein Air paintings will be on exhibition and for sale in the Greenacres Gallery in the heart of Wexford town from next Monday until Saturday week. (Saturday, August 17th).

    Paint Outs take place today at Hook Head, in Enniscorthy on Saturday, August 3rd, and in Wexford Town on Sunday, August 4th.  For more information about Art In The Open, visit, and for more information about getting started in plein air painting, visit

    Singing Circles

    Lots of old traditions are being lost throughout the country, but one is making a comeback in the West.

    Singing Circles are becoming more popular. A Singing Circle is a monthly session of traditional, unaccompanied singing and storytelling away from the pressure of competition, but with one rule: Silence for the singer and respect for the song.

    Unlike other events, when people are asked to sing and refuse for one reason or another, at a Singing Circle, people are there because they want to sing.

    Terry Flanagan spent a night in a very packed Durkin’s pub in Ballinacarrow, Co. Sligo where about 100 people were gathered for the Singing Circle...

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