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Derek is back, and he's joined in studio by Duncan Stewart, who has advice on what we need to do to reduce our water footprint. Mary Kingston reports on an unusual sight on Irish roads – a hotel on wheels – coming to a town near you soon. And as Paris hoteliers try to shake off their snobbish reputation, we explore the desires, demands and foibles of our foreign visitors!

Salzburg & The Sound Of Music

Yesterday, Derek spoke about his recent holiday to Salzburg, and visiting the locations used in the filming of the movie The Sound Of Music...

Perfect meadow in Salzburg

The altar where Captain Von Trapp and Maria got married

The pavilion where Rolf and Lizel courted

The Sound Of Music tour is big business in Salzburg - 300,000 people take the tour each year

Derek with the Sound Of Music tour guide

The Sound Of Music Tour Bus

The Sound Of Music Pavilion

A perfect meadow in Salzburg

The Sound Of Music tour

Congratulations On The New Royal Prince!

Congratulations On The New Royal Prince!


It’s all over the newspapers. You can’t switch on the radio or TV without hearing about it. We're talking about the baby, of course! The new Royal baby. Baby George – well, that’s what most people seem to think he’ll be called.

We were watching the news this morning, and saw the Band of the Scots Guards outside Buckingham Palace playing Congratulations. Yes, Phil Coulter’s big hit which you normally only hear at weddings!

Perhaps not the greatest performance, but that won’t matter to Phil Coulter, presumably he’ll get the royalties!  Today, Derek is joined on the line by Phil Coulter who he tells us what he makes of the performance!


What do you get if you mix Rolling plus Hotel? Rolling + Hotel = Rotel, the hotel on wheels!

Over the next few weeks, keep a look out for a huge red truck with thirty little windows touring the entire coastline of Ireland, and give a big wave to our German visitors from us.

Mary Kingston hooked up with 27 Germans in a truck, including Andrea, Anya and Agnes, to find out what kind of a holiday they were having!

The coaches are custom-modified Mercedes 0404’s and can be designed for the off road tours of the south American deserts or the windy dusty roads of Nepal.

The rotel 'rooms' are three feet high, and you’ll fit if you are no taller than 6 feet. There’s a camp kitchen.  According to our visitors, the Rotel experience is more about sightseeing and walking rather than art shows and museums.

If you have a good command of German, you can visit the Rotel website - - if not, then this Gizmag article about the Rotel experience may be of interest:

Stereotypes and The Xenophobes Guides!

Stereotypes and The Xenophobes Guides!

There’s an old adage that heaven is where the cooks are French, the police are British, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss.

And hell is where the cooks are British, the police are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss, and everything is organized by the Italians!

National stereotypes have been the subject of many jokes for centuries. Even today when the international community promotes diversity and encourages tolerance, we are often still labelled according to perceptions of our nationality.

Whilst a common stereotype of the French is a man in a beret and stripy shirt with a string of onions round his neck – Parisiennes in particular have a reputation for snobbishness.

In an attempt to shake that off, a new Guide has been produced by the Chamber of Coommerce in Paris for hoteliers, restauranteurs and shopkeepers.

Dubliner Siobhan Silke of France 24 in Paris to explain more...

Stefan Zeidenitz is co-author of the Xenophobe’s Guide to the Germans and also edited the German edition of ten other Xenophobe titles. The guides take an analytical but affectionate look at different nations, their character and quirks. He’s also a consultant on national mentality differences and intercultural communication, and he joins us with his thoughts on national stereotypes, as does Michael Vaughan, who is President of the Irish Hotels Federation...


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