Mooney, Thursday July 18th 2013

On Mooney today, with Shay Byrne...

On Mooney today, with Shay Byrne...

We celebrate 25 years of Hello magazine in the company of royal watcher Noel Cunningham, we discover the dangers of dabbling in the dark world of the occult, and John McColgan tells us about attempting to set a new world record for Riverdancing!

25 Years Of Hello! Magazine!

25 Years Of Hello! Magazine!

They’ve taken us inside the homes of the royal family, we’ve seen the very first pictures of babies born to Hollywood’s most glamorous couples, and we’ve shared the most intimate moments of the rich and famous on their wedding day. All courtesy of Hello! magazine, which has been on the go for 25 years now!

Did it coincide with the era of "celebrity culture", or did it fuel this obsession? How has Hello! maintained its' advantage over rivals like OK!, Now and Heat? Will Twitter spell the end for the multi-million pound celebrity-obsessed publishing industry? Noel Cunningham is in studio and may have some answers...

Dangers Of The Occult

Dangers Of The Occult

On yesterday ‘s programme, one of our guests was hypnotist and magician Keith Barry, who is currently appearing in Dublin’s Olympia theatre. His show is called The Dark Side, and it addresses the paranormal.  We got a lot of reaction to the item, with a lot of reservations expressed about the content of Keith's show.

One of those who got in contact was Fr. Eamonn Murphy, from Charleville in Co. Cork, who e-mailed us to say:

"Just listening to the last 10 minutes or so of your guest 'illusionist' on today's programme. Please warn your listeners that occult practices such as the Ouija board and invoking spirits really do work. No debunking is necessary. It is no illusion. The real danger of opening ourselves up to the occult is that we have no idea of what kind of forces we are unleashing. I am disappointed that your show should give promotional air time to something so dangerous."

Fr. Eamonn joins Shay today from our Cork studios to chat about his feelings on the use of occult practices.

What We Text About

What We Text About

As a nation, it would appear that we are among the highest-ranking in Europe when it comes to tapping out messages to friends, family and work mates.

By now you’ll be familiar with some of the less appropriate uses of texts, such as workers finding out from a message on their mobile phone that they’ve been fired – and comedian and actor Russell Brand used the same technique to tell singer Katy Perry he was filing for divorce.

So what are the messages we are sending that have us wearing out the buttons on our phones? We sent Mary Kingston into Dublin to find out!

Ireland's Drought

Ireland's Drought

It's official! As of yesterday evening, Ireland is officially in drought. Harm Luijkx, from Met Éireann, is on the line to explain why...


Royal Baby Gifts

Royal Baby Gifts

Today, we're also keeping an eye on the newswires, because any day - possibly any hour! - now, the future King or Queen of England is due to be born.

Noel Cunningham is just one of the millions of people on Royal Baby watch! And would you believe it, even before the baby’s arrival Kate and Wills have been taking receipt of gifts from their famous pals...

Elton John has composed a song, David Beckham has sent a signed football – and he’s promised to give private lessons when the child is older. Stella McCartney has designed a one-off bed spread collection. The White House has sent pearl-handled toys and antique books.

Are these appropriate gifts? What do you give the baby that will have everything? Noel has been looking at some suggestions!


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