Mooney, Tuesday July 16th 2013

On Mooney today, with Shay Byrne...

On Mooney today, with Shay Byrne...

We uncover the thriving world of Irish country music in the company of its most luminous rising star, Nathan Carter. We’re looking for three players for our weekly quiz. And architect Dermot Bannon talks energy efficiency, as we track down County Clare's most energy-inefficient home!

Mis-heard Lyrics

Mis-heard Lyrics

Every day in the papers, you read about some survey or other. The old "9 out of 10 Cats" headline is something editors absolutely love!

But a funny one caught our eye recently, a survey conducted by the music website Spotify. Apparently, they polled 1,350 people, and the question was all about misheard lyrics.

You know the story. You have a song, a piece of music, that's been in your head for years. But you've never been quite sure what the lyrics are. So what you do? You make something up in your head?

Apparently, the Eurythmics' pop classic Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) is the most frequently misquoted song in the UK, according to this survey. Nearly a third of the 1,350 people polled believed that lead singer Annie Lennox sings: "Sweet dreams are made of cheese/ Who am I to disagree?"

In second position was Rihanna's We Found Love. Listeners thought that Rihanna sings "We found Dove in a soapless place" in her 2011 chart-topper.

And 20% of the votes went to singer kd lang's song Constant Craving, which came in third. It was misunderstood as "Can't Stand Gravy"!

So which songs have you misheard the lyrics of?  Let us know your favourite mix-ups! E-mail, tweet @MooneyShow, or from 3pm - 4.30pm you can text us on 51551!


Dermot Bannon's Energy Saving Tips!

Dermot Bannon's Energy Saving Tips!

When architect Dermot Bannon is at a seminar, do you know what people ask him most often? You might think they would pick his brains for some query about an innovative design, or to plan their extension in two minutes, but not so... he is most often asked about how to make a home more energy efficient!

And what is his answer? It's simple – INSULATION.

Dermot joins Shay in studio today to give us some of his top energy saving tips!

There’s no better way of raising awareness of a particular issue than to run a competition and offer a small prize to the winner. And that’s what Clare County Council did recently. The competition sought to find the most energy inefficient home in the county. And the winners were Bernie and Patrick Callinan who live in Ennis. Fergus Sweeney paid a visit to the Callinan home...

Dermot Bannon's Room To Improve will return this October, when he will be converting a warehouse in Dun Laoghaire into a home, and working on an old schoolhouse in Kiltiernan.

To find out the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's top energy-saving tips, visit

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter

Singer Nathan Carter may only be 23 years of age, but he could well be described as the hardest-working young man in Irish showbusiness!  And those who have only recently heard the name "Nathan Carter" might be amazed to find out that he actually plays to hundreds of thousands of people each year, across Ireland, the UK and beyond.  He has a huge, huge following, and we're absolutely delighted that Nathan joins Shay in studio today to perform and to chat!

To find out more about Nathan, visit, and to find out Nathan's upcoming tour dates, click here!


Mooney's Tuesday Quiz

Mooney's Tuesday Quiz

It’s Tuesday afternoon, it’s Mooney, so it must be time for Mooney’s Tuesday Quiz!!

And we have a terrific prize up for grabs today...

We’ve a SUMMER FAMILY BREAK at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone for two adults and two kids – you’ll win two nights B&B and one evening meal. Your prize includes the award-winning Penguin Kids Activity Camp with round the clock fun and meals for the kids in camp!


A FREE activity from an array on offer such as a Viking boat cruise, Water Sports at Baysports, a trip to nearby Clonmacnoise, Viking Lake Cruise or Glendeer Pet Farm or many more...

Well, if that sounds like something you’d like to win ... we’re looking for three contestants to take part in Mooney’s Monday Quiz today. You can register your interest in taking part by texting your name to 51551, or e-mailing

The quiz will take place after 4pm today, and you must be over 18 to claim the prize, although under-18s can play on your behalf...


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