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A unique nest found in an Oak Tree.

Theo Jebb is a Phantom operator and wildlife cameraman. He has been working as a Phantom operator for almost two years on a large variety of shoots, from features, music videos and high-end adverts to sitting in leach-infested rivers and waiting for days in hides for a single shot. Slow motion filming is still cutting edge and highly specialist. He spoke to Derek today and emailed us this picture of a nest he found.

 Found at the bottom of an Oak Tree.


Called after the Saints – by Eanna Ni Lamhna

App Article: : Called after the Saints(by Eanna Ni Lamhna)

St. George’s Mushroom, St Mark’s Fly, St John’s wort... Ahese are some of the species of wildlife around at the moment. But why do they have saints’ names? Were these saints into wildlife? Was mycology or entomology their particular speciality?

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Mooney Goes Wild.

Eanna Ni Lamhna, Ken Whelan & Terry Flanagan are live in studio discussing all the topics of the day.

Shannon Dolphins.

Simon Berry, project manager of the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation spoke to Derek about the significances of the Shannon Dolphin.

Mayo's Edible Landscape

A new incentive that will see locals place edible plants for animals and humans from Wesport to Achill over a 30 mile stretch.

Ken Whelan's recent trip to Chile.

Ken joined the panel for Mooney Goes Wild and stayed on to tell us about his recent fishing trip to Chile.

Dolphins in Shannon Estuary - 20 year annivrsary

 Dolphins in the Shannon Estuary pictured below.

The first dolphin to be documented in the Shannon Estuary 20 years ago, was spotted off the Kerry coast at the weekend. Twenty years ago this month, the first research trip on the Shannon Estuary took place to try and find bottlenose dolphins. The Shannon Dolphin Project was an initiative of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) but in 2000 a new registered charity, the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation (SDWF) was formed. The SDWF was a group of interested stakeholders from state agencies and local development groups and tourism providers, including all dolphin-watching operators. Simon Berrow (IWDG) joins Derek in studio.

A full article on the development and success of the Shannon Dolphin Project can be found on

If you want to hear and see spectrographs of the recent Shannon dolphin vocalisations from Bunratty Castle go to:


Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Centre.


Robin's recently fledged


John Rafftery took a few pictures and sent them to




Ken Whelan's recent visit to Chile.

Ken spoke to Derek today about his trip to Chile, he sent us these pictures and told us what he saw there. 

 Ken Whelan holding up a Lago Yelco.


 Didymo Palena, seen in the Chile landscape.

Javier and Chin.

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