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As the new king of Holland is inaugurated, Derek asks whether anyone cares anymore about European royals? A U.S. state has banned the use of words like fisherMEN in favour of "fishers" - political correctness gone mad? And we find out how the pillows we love the most are harbouring untold, unwelcome visitors!



Join the Mooney Goes Wild team on Sunday, May 5th 2013, from 00:00 - 06:00, for the Annual Dawn Chorus from Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve in Cobh, Co. Cork.

The documentaries that will be broadcast during Dawn Chorus are:

00:00 - 01:00 Carl Linnaeus

01:00 - 02:00 The American Alligator

02:00 - 03:00 The Black-tailed Godwit

03:00 - 04:00 Rainforests of Costa Rica

For more information about the Dawn Chorus, click here.

Unusual Bird Nest Sites!

We will be launching Nestwatch 2013 very shortly, and many of you have contacted us to tell us about the strange places that you have found birds nesting! So we want to find out about the most unusual nest sites in the country! Please send in your photos by e-mail to mooney@rte.ie, and we'll put them up on the website! This is not a competition, and there aren't any prizes, but we will credit your photos!


In advance of the 58th Eurovision Song Contest (May 14th – 18th, Malmö, Sweden), indulge your Eurovision fever with Derek and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra!

Mooney's Eurovision Melodies will take place in the Main Auditorium at the National Concert Hall on Thursday, May 9th at 8pm, and joining the RTÉ Concert Orchestra will be Eurovision legends Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and more...

A nostalgic celebration of the heady days of Ireland’s past success in Eurovision and in anticipation of future glory (!), the programme will include What’s Another Year?, In Your Eyes, Volare, Rock’n’Roll Kids ... and there may be a few surprises!

Prices range from €13.50 to €39.50, and there is a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. To book, click here or call the NCH Box Office on 01 417-0000.

Secrets Of The Irish Landscape

Next month, a new three-part series examines the changing geology of the island of Ireland.

16,000 years ago, Ireland was a land covered in ice, uninhabitable to both humans and animals. So how did Ireland go from being a frozen country to the green and pleasant land of today? In this new series, Derek Mooney pieces together the clues to uncover the Secrets Of The Irish Landscape...

Secrets Of The Irish Landscape starts on Sunday, May 5th at 18:30 on RTÉ One.

Click here to view the series trailer: 


Politically Gender-Correct Words

Last week, the state legislature of Washington, in the USA, passed a law stating that the word "fisherman" should no longer appear on official documents. It should be replaced by the word "fisher". Similarly, a "freshman" no longer exists, according to this new law. Instead, we have gender-neutral "first-year students".

"Penmanship" is also gone. It's been replaced by "handwriting". And the list goes on.

Producer Olan McGowan has been taking a look at this, and he joins Derek in studio today with some of his favourites...

The definitive list of politically correct phrases!

Instead of this...                           Use this...
actress                                         actor
airline stewardess                         flight attendant
airman, airwoman                         pilot, aviator, flier, flight crew
alderman                                     council member/person
anchorman, anchorwoman             anchor

brethren                                      laity
bridesmaid                                   bride's attendant

brotherhood                                 fellowship, camaraderie
brotherly love                               charity, goodwill

career woman                              career professional
chambermaid                               housekeeper
clergy men, clergy women             clergy, clerics, ministers, pastors
comedienne                                 comedian, entertainer
common man                               average person, commoner
con man                                      swindler, crook
congressman                               member of congress, congress person
cowboy, cowgirl                           cowhand
craftsman                                    artisan, craftsperson

doorman                                     doorkeeper, door attendant
drum majorette                           drum major
Dutchman                                   Dutch person

elder statesman                           senior statesperson
Englishman                                 Englander, Briton

fall guy                                       scapegoat
fatherhood                                  parenthood
forefathers                                  ancestors, forebears

foreman, forewoman, forelady      supervisor, boss
founding father                           founder

gamesmanship                            game playing
gentlemen's agreement               unwritten agreement
girl Friday                                   aide, assistant
goddess                                     god
governess                                  child caretaker, child care worker

handyman                                 fixer, maintenance person
headmaster                               principal
heiress                                      heir
henchman                                 partner in crime
heroine                                     hero
hostess                                     host
housewife                                  homemaker

jack-of-all-trades                       handyperson
johnny-come-lately                    newcomer
johnny-on-the-spot                   prompt person, right-on-time

king-size                                  huge, very large
layman                                    layperson
lumberjack                               logger, forester

maid-of-honor                          honored attendant
maiden name                           family name, birth name
man about town                       bon vivant, mover and shaker
man of the year                        newsmaker of the year
man on the street                     average person, ordinary citizen
man (verb: to man)                  operate, staff
man's best friend                      dog
man-sized                                large
man-to-man                             head-to-head, face-to-face
manageress                             manager
man-eater                                flesh eater
manhandle                               rough up, move roughly
manhole                                  utility access hole, maintenance hole
man-hours                               workhours
mankind                                  humankind, humanity
manlike                                   humanlike
manmade                                handmade, hand built, manufactured
manpower                               workers, workforce, staff
man of the house                     husband, father
marksman                               sharpshooter
masseuse                                massage therapist
master                                    expert
master key                              passkey
master plan                             main plan, primary plan
masterful                                skillful, expert
masterpiece                            great work of art
master's degree                       graduate degree
middleman                              go-between, intermediary
midshipman                            sailor, cadet
Mother Earth                           earth, world, planet earth
mother lode                            main vein
Mother Nature                         nature
mother tongue                        first language, native language
motherhood                            parenthood

no-man's-land                        uninhabited land, neutral zone
odd-man-out                          person not included
old wives' tale                         superstition

penmanship                           handwriting
prodigal son                           returning child

seamstress                            tailor, sewer, mender, needleworker
seductress                             seducer
snowman                              snow person

temptress                              tempter, enticer
Uncle Sam                             U.S., United States
yes-man                               avid follower, supporter

New Dutch King Inaugurated

Today, Prince Willem-Alexander was sworn in as Dutch King, after the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix. We talk to Dutch Mooney listener Kirk de Klein, and also Joe Little, Managing Editor of Majesty Magazine in London...

An Droichead

Derek talks about the piece of music composed by Liam O'Flynn to mark the inauguration of Mary McAleese as President of Ireland in 1997, then we hear 'An Droichead', performed by Liam O'Flynn with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Toothbrushes Donated To SVP

Brenda meets Patricia Carey, Director of Services with SVP Dublin, to handover €5000 worth of toothbrushes from listener Gavin Dunne, from SIG Development


It is an offence to 'cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy hedgerows on uncultivated land during the nesting season from 1 March to 31 August, subject to certain exceptions'. For more information, click here.  

To contact your local wildlife ranger, click here for contact details. To read the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, click here.

Caring For Wild Animals

Please note that many species of mammals, birds, invertebrates etc... are protected under law and that, even with the best of intentions, only someone holding a relevant licence from the National Parks & Wildlife Service should attempt the care of these animals.  For full details, please click here to read the NPWS Checklist of protected & rare species in Ireland.  If you are concerned about a wild animal, please contact your local wildlife ranger - click here for details.


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