Tuesday, April 16th 2013

On Mooney today...

Brenda Donohue investigates the claim the birds drop more of their poo on silver cars than cars of any other colour!

We meet a man who has taken the mystery out of packing your groceries, by designing a unique, compartmentalised shopping bag.

And Ritchie Beirne celebrates the unique skill of the cattle market auctioneer!


In advance of the 58th Eurovision Song Contest (May 14th – 18th, Malmö, Sweden), indulge your Eurovision fever with Derek and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra!

Mooney's Eurovision Melodies will take place in the Main Auditorium at the National Concert Hall on Thursday, May 9th at 8pm, and joining the RTÉ Concert Orchestra will be Eurovision legends Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and more...

A nostalgic celebration of the heady days of Ireland’s past success in Eurovision and in anticipation of future glory, the programme will include What’s Another Year?, In Your Eyes, Volare, Rock’n’Roll Kids ... and there may be a few surprises!

Prices range from €13.50 to €39.50, and there is a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. To book, click here or call the NCH Box Office on 01 417-0000.

Secrets Of The Irish Landscape

Next month, a new three-part series examines the changing geology of the island of Ireland.

16,000 years ago, Ireland was a land covered in ice, uninhabitable to both humans and animals. So how did Ireland go from being a frozen country to the green and pleasant land of today? In this new series, Derek Mooney pieces together the clues to uncover the Secrets Of The Irish Landscape...

Click here to view the series trailer: 

This television series will begin on RTÉ One on Sunday, May 5th 2013, at 6.30pm.

The World's Most Expensive Shirt?

The World's Most Expensive Shirt?

We've been talking a bit about Charlie Haughey this week, in relation to the tea pot he gave to Margaret Thatcher. A rather expensive teapot it was, too - made of silver, an antique... probably worth a fair few quid!

As we all know, Charlie had expensive tastes - not just in teapots, but in shirts as well. Remember the infamous Charvet shirts? They used to cost the equivalent of €300 in today's money.

Well, an Indian man has gone not just ONE step further but nearly 1000 steps further! He has commissioned a shirt made of pure gold with a value of around $235,000. A figure that would buy you nearly 1000 Charvet shirts!

His name is Datta Phuge. He is a 32-year-old moneylender from the city of Pune, in India. Pune is the ninth largest city in India. It's in western India, just south of Mumbai.

The shirt is made from 3.5 kg of 22 carat gold. It has 14,000 gold flowerings, interwoven with 100,000 spangles. It's all sewn onto the base of fine white velvet. It has six Swarovski Crystal buttons. And it took 15 goldsmiths over 15 days to make it. Each of them labouring away for 18 hours a day!

What would Louis Copeland would make of it all!?

From Ticher to Thatcher – The Tale of The Travelling Teapot

From Ticher to Thatcher – The Tale of The Travelling Teapot

You’ve been transfixed by the tale of the Thatcher teapot over the past week. We brought you the first ever public picture of the Georgian antique yesterday, and today, we have a valuation today! Mooney producer Fergus Sweeney is back in with the latest...

The teapot that Charles Haughey gave to Margaret Thatcher

This is a picture of the teapot presented by Charles Haughey to Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street in May 1980. Our producer Fergus Sweeney found the picture in the National Archives in the personal collection of famous silver collector Dr Kurt Ticher.

Information regarding the teapot that Charles Haughey gave to Margaret Thatcher

The print on the back of the photo shows that this is the famous teapot that has entered Irish political folklore. To the best of our knowledge pictures of the teapot were never made public.

Dragons' Den: Trolleybags

Dragons' Den: Trolleybags

It was the fastest draw in the history of the Dragons' Den, in association with Bank Of Ireland last night, when Dragon supremo Gavin Duffy wasted no time in getting in on the action for Paul Doyle’s unique solution to shopping bags ...

Well for those who didn’t see the show last night, Paul Doyle, who is from Carlow, is in studio to explain how his Trolleybags system works, and how it went down with the Dragons last night... To find out more about Trolleybags, visit www.trolleybags.ie.

Dragons' Den is on Sundays at 9.30pm on RTÉ One - for more information about the series, and to play the Sixth Dragon, visit www.rte.ie/tv/dragonsden. To watch the episode again on the RTÉ Player, click here.

Mooney’s Tuesday Quiz

Mooney’s Tuesday Quiz

It's Mooney, it's Tuesday, so it must be time for Mooney's Tuesday Quiz! Our prize today is a fantastic two-night weekend break for two people sharing one deluxe room in Dublin’s largest 5-star hotel, the luxurious Shelbourne Hotel, overlooking Dublin’s St Stephens Green!!

Your prize includes full Irish Breakfast on both mornings and dinner on a night of your choice in the hotel's 'Saddle Room' restaurant.

The Shelbourne Hotel have also agreed to send their driver to pick the winner up from anywhere in the Dublin area, or any Dublin bus or train station – meaning you will truly arrive in style!

And runner-up will get a beautiful huge hardback coffee-table book called Birds Through Irish Eyes, by Anthony McGeehan and Julian Wyllie.  And everyone who takes part in the quiz will also get a MOONEY Pride watch!

The World's Most Expensive Hotels

Yesterday, we learned all about the small museum, housed in and all about Dublin's Shelbourne Museum.  And we also found out that the Princess Grace suite at the hotel cost an eye-watering €2,500 per night.  What, we wondered, would you get for that - and is that the most expensive hotel room in Ireland?  What about worldwide?

Katriona McFadden joins Derek in studio to take us through some of the entries on the list of the world's top ten most expensive hotel rooms!

The top three are:

3. Manhattan (New York, USA) – Four Seasons Hotel

Located in midtown Manhattan, the Four Seasons Hotel offers a luxurious Penthouse with a huge panorama of the city. The suite has nine rooms, and the service includes a butler for your whole stay. A night in the Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel will cost you $32,000.

2. Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) – Palms Casino Resort Hotel

If you are visiting Vegas and have hit the jackpot at the casino, nothing ends the night better than a good rest in the 929sqm Hugh Hefner villa at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel. The room comes with a butler, a Jacuzzi with a panoramic view of Las Vegas, and total privacy. The Hugh Hefner Suite at this hotel will cost you $38,000 per night.

1. Athens (Greece) – The Grand Resort Lagonissi

They say that if the 1,188 square meters Royal Villa at this hotel doesn’t impress you, nothing in the world can. The suite comes with a breathtaking panoramic view where you can enjoy the sunset from everywhere inside. Yes, you can even lie in the bathtub and watch the sunset – the bathroom has remote-operated blinds. A butler and a private chef are included. A night in the Royal Villa at this hotel will cost you $48,000.

Chowder Update - Volunteers Required!

Chowder Update - Volunteers Required!

As you may have heard last week, Mooney producer and wannabe chef Olan McGowan will be heading to Kinsale this weekend, to take part in the third annual "All Ireland Chowder Cook-off"!

He has his recipe finalised, and his accomodation, and ingredients - but he is looking for one thing: YOUR help!

Acton's Hotel will sponsor Olan, providing him with their kitchen and a chef, to cook this chowder fresh on Sunday morning. HOWEVER, he is looking for a couple of volunteers to help him dish out the chowder. He will be cooking a minimum of 20 litres, and will have little ramekins at his table. He needs two volunteers to stand with him for the couple of hours and help dish the chowder out to all of the public!

If you would like to volunteer your services to help Olan's chowder chances, then e-mail mooney@rte.ie.

Acton's Hotel in Kinsale are sponsoring the Mooney chowder entry, and The Blue Haven Food Company (www.bluehavenfoodco.com) are supplying the ingredients. To find out more about the The Third All-Ireland Chowder Cook-off & Kinsale Street Food Gathering click here!

If you'd like to attend the Chowder Cook-Off, most people will buy tickets on the day. That's the easiest. If you have booked accommodation and you definitely want to get tickets in advance, you can call 021 477-3571 (Finishing Services/ Good Food Circle).

Olan's Chowder Recipe

Serves 12 (500ml bowls)


1 kg smoked fish, small pieces (cod, haddock, coley)
500 g non-smoked fish, small chunks (salmon)
500 g mixed seafood (squid, mussels, clams, prawns)
One small tin of anchovies, finely chopped
200 g of pancetta
Two large onions, diced
10 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Three large carrots, diced
Six sticks of celery, diced
Two very thin leeks, sliced into thin circles
2 rooster potatoes, diced
Seven radishes, sliced very thinly
1 kg cherry tomatoes
Parsley, roughly chopped
Dill, roughly chopped
Chives, cut with scissors into 5-10 mm pieces
One tablespoon dried, mixed herbs
Full fat, Kerrygold butter
500ml of dry white wine (Chardonnay, dry reisling)
5L of fish stock
Freshly ground salt and pepper
Olive oil
Pinch of smoked paprika
Salt & pepper


1. Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes. Put them in a large roasting tin. Drizzle a little olive oil over them, season with salt and pepper. Roast at 175° for 60-70 min.

2. In a large copper pot, melt one large knob of butter with some olive oil. Do not over-heat. When melted, Sauté the garlic, onions, pancetta and mixed dried herbs for 5 min.. Add the anchovies, fry for another 2 min.

3. Add all of the chopped vegetables: carrots, celery, leeks, radishes, potatoes. Stir everything, cover the pot, and saute at a low temperature for a further 5 min. During this time, add the dill and stir well.

4. While the vegetables are cooking, take the roasted cherry tomatoes and blend them in a blender to a smooth paste.

5. Add 500 mls of white wine to the vegetable mixture, turn up the heat, and allow to reduce by half.

6. When the wine has reduced, add the fish stock and blended cherry tomato paste. Stir well, and bring to the boil.

7. When the mixture boils, all of the seafood and the remaining herbs, the parsley and chives. Stir well. Add a pinch of smoked paprika, just to deepen the colour. Ground pepper to taste.

8. Serve hot, and sprinkle a little parsley on top.

The Carnew Cattle Mart

The Carnew Cattle Mart

You may remember a few weeks ago Brenda was down in Dungarvan for the auction of Tubridy the calf - and we heard Ryan auctioning off the calf.

But the real deal are those men who week in and week out sell thousands of cattle and sheep at marts throughout the country...

If you’ve ever heard these guys in action you’ll know that they are absolute masters of their craft. But how anyone can understand what they’re actually saying can sometimes be a bit of a mystery... So we decided to find out from the horses’ mouth as they say!

Our own country boy Richie Beirne is here to take us through the magic of the mart - specifically the mart in Carnew in south Wicklow, which sells cattle on a Saturday and sheep on a Thursday...

For more information about the Carnew Mart, including upcoming sales, visit www.carnewmart.ie.


It is an offence to 'cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy hedgerows on uncultivated land during the nesting season from 1 March to 31 August, subject to certain exceptions'. For more information, click here.  

To contact your local wildlife ranger, click here for contact details. To read the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, click here.

Caring For Wild Animals

Please note that many species of mammals, birds, invertebrates etc... are protected under law and that, even with the best of intentions, only someone holding a relevant licence from the National Parks & Wildlife Service should attempt the care of these animals.  For full details, please click here to read the NPWS Checklist of protected & rare species in Ireland.  If you are concerned about a wild animal, please contact your local wildlife ranger - click here for details.


Please DO NOT send any live, dead or skeletal remains of any creature whatsoever to Mooney Goes Wild.  If you find an injured animal or bird, please contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service on 1890 20 20 21, or BirdWatch Ireland, on 01 281-9878, or visit www.irishwildlifematters.ie



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