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Hornøya's Seabird Colony

From June 10th to July 12th, you can follow a live show from a bird cliff on an island called Hornøya, in the distant north-east of Norway.  About 100,000 sea birds are nesting in the steep mountainside at Hornøya, near Vardø in Finnmark.




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On Mooney today

On Mooney today

Derek talks to the Bewleys master toaster who’s been made honorary consul of Nicaragua. The Genealogy Roadshow sets out again to unravel the mysteries in our family histories. And Brenda Donohue reports from Majella O’Donnell’s Mooney house party!

Resignation Of Pope Benedict

Resignation Of Pope Benedict

Last night, Derek dreamt that he was requested to sign a resignation letter from Pope Benedict.  If any of us were to resign, we would have to submit a letter of resignation to HR - but what does His Holiness have to do?  To answer that, Derek is joined on the line by Father Michael Collins, curate at St. Mary's on Haddington Road in Dublin, and author of Vatican - Secrets and Treasures of the Holy City.

Majella O'Donnell House Party

Majella O'Donnell House Party

On September 3rd of last year, Majella O'Donnell was on the show. She told us about how she knew straight away, that one day she would marry Daniel. On their second meeting, she told him this and he didn’t run for the hills. Instead they did got married and settled in the hills of Donegal.

As everyone was chatting, Brenda asked her to take part in a House Party for one listener. And plenty of you thought it would be great to have her singing in your front room, but it was two nuns, Sister Anne and Sister Mary who won out in the end...

The nuns live in a housing estate in Blanchardstown and last week it was buzzing, as Majella O'Donnell kept her word and delivered a house party.  Brenda Donohue reports back from one very special night...

There were all ages in the house, with lots of platters of food.  The nuns are presentation sisters living in the community. Sr. Mary works in the local primary school and Sr. Anne works with a teenage group called Rainbows and with the prison service. They share a 10 year anniversary with Majella, as they explained to Brenda...

Bewley’s Nicaragua Consul

Bewley’s Nicaragua Consul

What’s your favourite coffee? Is it a Cappuccino, a Frappuccino, an Americano, an Espresso or a Latte. Do you like it iced, sprinkled with cinnamon powder, flavoured with peppermint or chocolate or decaffeinated?

And what size of cups do you prefer? Tall, Grande, Trenta? A visit to any speciality coffee these days really can be a bewildering experience, as Frasier Crane discovered!

Coffee is the world’s second most popular beverage, after tea and it really is big business. Paul O’Toole is Ireland’s leading coffee expert. He’s buying director for Bewley’s and he’s just been appointed Honorary Consul of Nicaragua in Ireland.  He joins Derek in studio today to explain exactly what that entails...



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