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We hear scientific evidence that women are better at expressing emotions than men, and we’re looking for three players for Mooney's Monday Quiz - if you are interested in taking part then e-mail!



It's Monday, the first day of the week - not everybody's favourite day! A day when we all need to relax, take it easy after the weekend - a day when we welcome ANYTHING that will bring a smile to our faces.

And so, for those of you who need a little Monday evening cheerfulness, why not sit back this evening, turn on RTÉ Two television at 9:30pm, and enjoy a little fun with some legends of Irish music!

Reality Bites: A Eurovision Affair follows six of the biggest names in Eurovision Song contest history, as they toured Ireland together over two weeks in October, 2012. Those names include Johnny Logan, Dana, Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington, Charlie McGettigan the lady who performed the 1992 Eurovision classic, Linda Martin.  Linda joins Derek today to chat about performing in the final in Malmö, ahead of this year's Eurovision in Malmö!

Reality Bites: A Eurovision Affair is on RTÉ Two this evening at 21:30 - for more information about the programme, visit

Norways's Burning Fire TV Experiment

Norways's Burning Fire TV Experiment

If you were sitting in on Friday night chances are you watched The Late Late Show or Graham Norton - or maybe you watched the movie Lions For Lambs with Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep on RTÉ One… Friday night is considered ‘peak’ viewing time and TV stations usually compete for viewers by offering their strongest ‘ratings pullers’.

However, if you flew north and switched on the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK, on Friday night, you would have seen a picture of a burning fire – because they chose to devote 12 hours of Friday night’s programming entirely to ‘wood’!!

And they say this concept of ‘slow TV’ is proving to be more than just a ‘slow burner’ – it’s ‘hot stuff’ in Norway – and a ‘roaring’ success!

Lisa-May Spissay was NRK’s Project Leader of Friday night’s broadcast and she joins Derek is on the line today from Bergen to chat about the concept of 'slow TV'...

Super Garden Is Back!

Super Garden Is Back!

If you fancy yourself as a budding Diarmuid Gavin, take note, because the producers of RTÉ’s Super Garden are looking for garden designers to come forward to take part in this year’s series!

The programme gives contestants five weeks to create a garden with a wow factor and the winner will be given the opportunity to exhibit in Bloom 2013.  Colin Cowman, Series Producer of Vision Independent Productions (who make the show), joins Derek in studio today to tell us exactly what they are looking for...

Amateur gardeners, student designers and start up landscapers who feel they have what it takes to become Super Garden champion 2013 should apply promptly. Applicants should provide full contact details, and explain why they love garden design, while giving a brief outline of their dream garden design.

To apply, e-mail: All applications must be received by Thursday, February 21st 2013.

Mooney's Monday Quiz

Mooney's Monday Quiz

Three players attempt to beat the clock, and each other, to win a two-night weekend break for two people sharing one deluxe room in the luxurious 5-star Druids Glen Resort in County Wicklow.

Your prize includes breakfast on both mornings and dinner on an evening of your choice in Druid’s Brasserie.

While there you might like to visit the two championship golf courses, the bijou Spa – or this Sunday afternoon, February 24th, you could visit their special ‘Bridal Shopping Village’ - open for one day only - packed full of pop-up bridal shops and wedding experts!  For more information about the Bridal Shopping Village at Druids Glen, then click here.



Runners-up will get a hardback copy of Bird Habitats In Ireland by Richard Nairn and John O’Halloran. And EVERYONE who takes part in the quiz will get a special “PRIDE” Mooney Watch!


How Men And Women Express Emotion

You’ve heard the expression Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. Basically it means that men and women are very different – we think differently, we have different perspectives on life, our priorities are different etc... In fact we are so unlike that we come from different planets.

Take for instance, emotions. It’s long been thought that women are far better than men at reading emotions. And it seems there may be some truth in this belief because psychiatrists in Scotland have used brain scans to show it to be true…

Our researcher Michele Browne spoke to some shoppers in Dublin to see if they agreed that men were not so good at reading emotions, and Derek also talks to Professor Stephen Lawrie, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Edinburgh University, to explain why men and women deal with emotional issues so differently...


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