Monday 13th January


Derek is joined by Lucy Cooke who is a zoologist, presenter and author of The Unexpected Truth About Animals.

Mysterious Insect

Mooney Goes wild listener Claire O'Connor from Tullamore in Co Offaly got in touch to find out about a strange insect that she found in her house.

Ireland Through Birds

Derek talks to Conor O'Brien about his new book: Ireland Through Birds. They are joined in studio by Dr. Richard Collins, Éanna Ní Lanhma and Ken Whelan.

Mooney Goes Wild Full Show 130120

Derek talks to Conor O'Brien about his new book: Ireland Through Birds. They are joined in studio by Dr. Richard Collins, Éanna Ní Lanhma and Ken Whelan. we find a strange insect in Tullamore and we take a look at the decline of the European Eel.

Monday 6th January

The Kerry Slug

What is so special about this slug? Derek is joined by Dr Aidan O’Hanlon, Curator of Entomology, Natural History Division, National Museum of Ireland.

Humpback Whales Recovering

Dr. Alex Zerbini talks about the recovery of the Humback whale population in the southwest Atlantic.

The Red Kite

Derek is joined by Marc Ruddock - Red Kite Project Manager for the Golden Eagle Trust – who is also joined by his father Dougie Ruddock.

Mooney Goes Wild Full Show 060120

Richard Collins & Éanna Ní Lamhna are in studio with Marc Ruddock - Red Kite Project Manager for the Golden Eagle Trust and his father Dougie Ruddock. Dr Alex Zerbini talks about the recovery of the Humback whale population & Dr Aidan O’Hanlon, Curator of Entomology, Natural History Division, National Museum of Ireland talks about the Kerry Slug.

Monday 9th December

The Mooney Goes Wild - Christmas Present Special!

Join Derek Mooney, Éanna Ní Lamhna, Richard Collins, Niall Hatch, Sheila O'Callaghan, John Bela Reilly, Terry Flanagan and Eric Dempsey for the Mooney Goes Wild Christmas Present Special.

Monday 2nd December

Revisiting Harper's Island Nature Reserve

Derek joins Ornithologist and author Jim Wilson at Harper's Island Nature Reserve in Cork.

Wildlife Rehab - Terry Flanagan

Terry Flanagan went to a recent conference held by Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland.

A Bee's Life

Emma Lynam, Hannah Corble and Niamh Digan have published a book about bees. Our own John Bela Reilly took off to the wilds of County Offaly to meet the authors.

Cannibal Seagulls

Mooney Goes Wild listener Karl Ryan sent us a video clip of a seagull killing and eating a pigeon in Dublin City Centre. Karl is co-owner of Flanagan’s Restaurant in O’Connell Street.

Mooney Goes Wild Full Show 021219

On this weeks show: cannibal Seagulls, a fabulous new Bee book, some wildlife Rehab and an update from Harper's Island Nature Reserve in Cork.

Monday 25th November

The White Storks of Rühstädt in Germany

In this special edition of Mooney Goes Wild Derek travels to the picturesque village of Rühstädt in Germany.

Monday 18th November

Mooney Goes Wild Climate Change Special

You join us this week from Maynooth University in Kildare where we debate issues around climate change with our panel of experts – and an invited audience of students who have a particular interest in this field.

Monday 11th November

Mooney Goes Wild Climate Special

In an extended edition of MOONEY GOES WILD, Derek and the team consider what many describe as the greatest threat facing our world today, Climate Change.

Monday 4th November

Mooney Goes Wild 04 11 19

We check out bats with Emma Teeling, take a look at the North Pacific right whale, there will be some picky eating fish and we take a look closer to home with how climate change will effect common birds.

Climate Change and Common Birds

Dr Thomas Reed is a senior Lecturer in Zoology at University College Cork and he is looking into how rapid warming could effect birds that we would see in our back garden.

Dietary Conservatism in Fish

Terry Flanagan meets up with Sam Preston from the Dept of Zoology in Trinity College Dublin, who is researching dietary conservatism in fish.

The North Pacific Right Whale

For the first time marine biologists have recorded singing by one of the rarest whales on the planet - the north Pacific right whale. Jessica Crance is Fisheries Marine Biologist with the US scientific agency – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Bats - Emma Teeling

Dr. Richard Collins meets up with Professor Emma Teeling from the School of Biology and Environmental Science at Trinity College Dublin to talk about her research into bats.

Monday 28th October

On the Shoulders of Giants - Great Yellow Bumblebees

Niamh Phelan from the UCD School of Agriculture has been studying the Great Yellow Bumblebee for some time now. Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry flanagan joined her to find out more.

Otters in Galway

The Irish Wildlife Trust has been conducting a survey of Otters in the city of Galway. A number of volunteers have been going out looking for traces of Otter activity by looking for droppings along the city’s waterways. Wildlife cameraman Donal Glackin joined them.

Badgers in Wicklow

Author Declan Murphy has set up cameras to closely observe the private lives of these fascinating animals at a sett in Wicklow – where he met wildlife enthusiast Tara Adcock.

Beavers in the Netherlands

Jacques Van Der Neut Neut is a wildlife ranger with the state forest service in the Netherlands. He was part of the team of scientists responsible for reintroducing beavers to that country thirty years ago.

Mooney Goes Wild 28 10 19

Derek talks to Jacques Van Der Neut about Beavers in the Netherlands. Tara Adcock talks to Declan Murphy about Badgers. Donal Glackin on Otters in Galway and Terry Flanagan on the Great Yellow Bumblebee with Niamh Phelan in Mayo.

Monday 21st October

Black Headed Gulls

Brian Burke works full-time with BirdWatch Ireland - but for the last few years he’s spent his holidays on Lough Ree - where in conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service – he trapped & ringed hundreds of black-headed and lesser black- backed gulls.

Humpback Whale Sighting

20 years after Eoin O’Mahony captured the stunning sight of three humpback whales on film at the Kinsale gas field the same two whales have been sighted together again in the same area. Simon Berrow is Chief Science Officer and Acting CEO of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and he joins us from our Galway studio.


RHD2 is a deadly virus which can kill rabbits and hares within days of contracting the infection - and the disease has been confirmed in eight counties in Ireland so far. Dr Ferdia Marnell is a Zoologist working in the Science and Biodiversity Unit of the National Parks & Wildlife Service & he joins us in studio.

Mooney Goes Wild 21 10 19

Humpback whales spotted off the south coast 20 years ago have been spotted together again in the same neck of the woods. Simon Berrow from the IWDG joins us in studio. Fisheries Marine Biologist Jessica Crance talk's about the North Pacific Right Whale. Ferdia Marnell on the RHD2 virus and Niamh Phelan on Bumble Bees.

Monday 14th October

Whingchats - Terry Flanagan

Aimeé Grey is currently doing a PH. D study on Whinchats in University College Dublin’s School of Agriculture & Food Science. The Whinchat winters in Africa & arrives in Ireland in early summer. Their numbers have been dropping recently & there are only about 200 pairs left in here. Terry Flanagan joined her to find out more.

Ireland's Tree of the Year

Eanna talk's about The Witches Yew in Blarney Castle which has been declared Ireland’s official tree of the year by the Irish Tree Council.

Cicadas and Ants in France

Mooney Goes Wild producer Ana Leddy joins Derek in studio to talk about a strange noise from the garden when she was on holiday in France during the summer. They are also joined from our Limerick studios by John Breen who is a retired Professor of Zoology at the University of Limerick.

Robins and Noise

A new study shows that robins do not respond as fast when there is background interfering noise -- which could lead to unnecessary fights over territory. Dr Gareth Arnott is principle investigator in the study at the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast.

Mooney Goes Wild 14 10 19

On this weeks show: The Witches Yew in Blarney Castle – which has been declared Ireland’s official tree of the year. A conservation project to stem the country’s dropping Whinchat population and in a programme where sound and how noise can disrupt the life of a robin.

Monday 7th October

Mooney Goes Wild Special: Launch of Herbarium

Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh presents this weeks Special, celebrating the opening of the Herbarium in Focus exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. Joining Blathnaid are: Dr. Richard Collins, Éanna Ní Lamhna and Director of the National Botanic Gardens Dublin - Dr. Matthew Jebb.

Monday 23rd September

Wildlife Rehab - Terry Flanagan

Terry Flanagan went along to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland conference at Sonairte in Meath.

Losing Alaska - Tom Burke

Documentary film maker Tom Burke joins Derek in studio to talk about his new documentary 'Losing Alaska'.

2019 World Salmon Forum - Ken Whelan

Ken Whelan joins Derek to talk about his trip to Seattle, Washington for the 2019 World Salmon Forum.

Mooney Goes Wild 230919

Joining Derek and Richard in studio are marine biologist Ken Whelan who tell us about his visit to the 2019 World Salmon Forum and documentary film maker Tom Burke who talks about his new documentary 'Losing Alaska'.

Monday 16th September


Did you know that seagrass captures carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests? Dr Jenny Oates is UK Seas Programme Manager with the WWF and she joins Michael from Cardiff.

Mooney Goes Wild 160919

Presented by Michael Comyn: John Sweeney talks about fires in the Amazon Rainforest. John Bela Reilly reports on Botanic Imperialism. We talk about cycads on the Isle of Wight & Dr. Jenny Oates talk's about Seagrass. Michael is joined in studio by Dr. Matthew Jebb of the National Botanic Gardens, Dr. Richard Collins and Eanna ni Lamhna.

Cycads on the Isle of Wight

Two cycads have produced cones of both sexes on the cliffs of a botanic garden on the Isle of Wight. The island is warmer than most parts of the UK. Botanists are saying that this is another clear indication of climate change. Michael spoke to Chris Kidd who is curator at Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Botanical Imperialism

'Botanical Imperialism' is the intriguing title of a new series of guided walks in the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin taking place on Saturdays over the coming weeks. John Bela Reilly went there to find out more.

Amazon Rainforest Fires

Joining us on the line to discuss the full environmental consequences of the Amazon rainforest blaze is John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography at Maynooth University and Climatologist.

Monday 9th September

Swallows Nesting On Wind Chimes

Regular listener Mary Doherty got in touch to tell us about a swallow’s nest on top of a set of wind chimes in her front porch. Every year the swallows return to the same nest, paying little or no attention to the comings and goings of human occupants. We sent our reporter Terry Flanagan off to Co. Cavan to investigate!

Seabin In Howth Harbour

Marine scientist Rowan Byrne has just helped to install a Seabin in Howth harbour, which will help keep the area clear of plastic rubbish which would otherwise be washed out to sea. Dr. Richard Collins met Rowan at the launch of the Seabin.

Success For Dalkey's Arctic Terns

Tara Adcock is BirdWatch Ireland’s Dalkey Tern warden and joined Derek in studio alongside Dr. Richard Collins and Éanna Ní Lamhna, to talk all about what's been happening on Dalkey island.

Monday 2nd September

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 02/09/19

In this special edition of Mooney Goes Wild, Richard Collins and Derek Mooney travel to the English village of Abbotsbury, on Dorset's Jurassic coast, to meet Prof. James Lovelock - creator of the Gaia hypothesis and the greatest environmental thinker of our time. Having recently celebrated his 100th birthday, James Lovelock has just written 'Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence'...

Monday 26th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/08/19: The Bergen Whale

A special programme on the Bergen Whale, which was found to have over 30 plastic bags in its stomach, as we investigate the horrific effect that plastic pollution is having on marine animals... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 19th August

Terry & Trevor The Toad

A public campaign was recently spearheaded by the NPWS and the Herpetological Society of Ireland to report sightings of the Common Toad in south Dublin and north Wicklow. The first toad, Trevor, has now been captured by a member of the public and handed over to the HSI, to be used in info campaigns. Terry Flanagan visited the home of HSI Senior Science Officer Rob Gandola to meet Trevor and find out more...

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