Monday 12th November

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 12/11/18

On MGW tonight: Documentary Highlights - Starlings; The Rainforests Of Costa Rica; The Dipper; Carl Linnaeus; The Swallow: From Egg To Africa... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 5th November

Bog Photo Exhibition

We find out about a new photographic exhibition featuring bog plants and butterflies in and around Cloncrow Bog in Co Westmeath... www.rte.ie/mooney

Fighting Wildlife Crime

We delve into the wildlife crime underworld with Superintendent Martin Walker who’s co-ordinating a new Garda initiative targeting gangs of poachers, as John Bela Reilly and Niall Hatch find out how much Dubliners know about wildlife crime... www.rte.ie/mooney

Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish

Octopus, squid and cuttlefish are the trio with the most complex brains among invertebrates. We plunge into the pages of a new book all about these mysterious creatures with co-author, Professor Louise Allcock of NUI Galway... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mushrooms After A Drought

It’s fungi foraging season and this year wild mushrooms are in exceptionally bountiful supply - listener Timothy Morgan has an interesting theory why... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 05/11/18

On MGW tonight: Mushrooms After A Drought; Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish; Fighting Wildlife Crime; Bog Photo Exhibition... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 29th October

Dementia Garden

It may seem like a long time ago now, but one of the exhibits at Bloom 2018 was a dementia-friendly garden.  The garden was created by landscape gardener Clive Jones, and it was a big success at the festival.

Macho Great Tits Bond Quicker With Partner

It seems that human females are not the only ones holding out for a street-wise, Herculean hero!  A groundbreaking new study on Great Tits has found that 'macho males bond sooner with a partner, while shyer males hang with the homies' - once again proving the maxim that the early bird always gets the worm!

Elephant Birds

Imagine an ostrich-like bird that weighed about the same as an adult giraffe.  Sounds like the stuff of fantasy?  Not so!  For about 150 years now, debate about what was the largest bird ever to roam the Earth has been intense - largely due to highly competitive scientists claiming to have discovered a new species of Elephant bird.

Monday 22nd October

In Memoriam: Philip McCabe

We pay tribute to our friend, colleague, worldwide President of Apimondia, and our very own Beeman: Philip McCabe... www.rte.ie/mooney

Wildlife Tours By Canoe

Bridget Nicholas canoes away her cares as she joins the crew behind Adventure Gently, who give guided wildlife canoe tours in Leitrim... www.rte.ie/mooney


From cuddly toys to notebooks, there's a huge design interest in Sloths at present. But aside from being incredibly cute, what else do we know about these languid mammals? We find out from Judy Avey-Orroyo, co-founder and General Manager of the Sloth Orphanage in Costa Rica, and William Hartson, author of a new book about Sloths. Plus find out how you can WIN a copy of his book! www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 22/10/18

On MGW tonight: Sloths; Wildlife Tours By Canoe; In Memoriam: Philip McCabe... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 15th October

All-Ireland Conker & Cone Championship

'Tis the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and conker fights! MGW reporter Terry Flanagan visits St. Anne's Park in Dublin to find out more about the forthcoming All Ireland Conker and Cone Championship Tournament - and to try his hand at cracking a conker! www.rte.ie/mooney

Dippy On Tour

Derek and Dr. Richard Collins go in search of Dippy the Diplodocus, the distinguished dinosaur from London's Natural History Museum, who is currently touring the UK. and who has most recently taken up residence in Belfast's Ulster Museum... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 15/10/18

On MGW tonight: Dippy On Tour; All-Ireland Conker & Cone Championship ... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 8th October

Dublin Jays

Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan investigates sightings of an elusive bird – one which always brings a dash of drama and a splash of colour to our gardens, even on the greyest of days: the Jay... www.rte.ie/mooney

Colin Stafford-Johnson

From the hard-working world of bees to some of the furriest creatures found on our planet: wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson talks to us about the Arctic fox and sea otter, on his return from filming for the forthcoming BBC series First Year On Earth... www.rte.ie/mooney

Irish Heather Honey

Move over Manuka ... it’s ‘hello Irish heather honey’ - new research from Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin proves that that our own pot packs just as powerful a punch as the cult classic. Professor Jane Stout is in studio to tell us why, as beekeeper Willie O'Byrne and heather grower Larry Doran also join in the chat... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 08/10/18

On MGW tonight: Irish Heather Honey; Colin Stafford-Johnson; Dublin Jays... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 1st October

Seal Slaps Kayaker In Face With Octopus

In the waters off the New Zealand town of Kaikoura, a kayaker got a shock when a seal rose out of the water to slap him with an octopus! The whole thing was caught on camera - visit www.rte.ie/mooney to view the clip. Derek talks to Eanna ni Lamhna about Kaikoura and the wildlife that can be found in the locality...

Breakthrough In Fight Against Malarial Mosquitoes

It’s being heralded as a major scientific breakthrough - a brand new beacon of hope in the fight against one of the world’s greatest killer diseases: malaria. We hear from Dr. Andrea Crisanti, one of the lead scientists who has successfully wiped out a whole colony of mosquitoes by tweaking genes to stop females reproducing... www.rte.ie/mooney

Benny The Beluga In The Thames

Why is there an Arctic beluga whale swimming in the River Thames in England? Martin Garside and Dr. Simon Berrow join us with the latest news on Benny the Beluga, who’s travelled 3000km from the coasts of the Arctic and Greenland to frolic in the waters of the English home counties... www.rte.ie/mooney

Washington's Black Squirrels

We take a trip to the White House to find Black squirrels taking up residency on Donald Trump’s manicured lawns - Fergus Sweeney joins us from Washington D.C. ... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 01/10/18

On MGW tonight: Washington's Black Squirrels; Benny The Beluga In The Thames; Breakthrough In Fight Against Malarial Mosquitoes; Seal Slaps Kayaker In Face With Octopus... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 24th September

Colin Stafford-Johnson

Wildlife filmmaker Colin Stafford-Johnson tells us about his talking tour of Ireland and the UK that he'll be starting later this week. For more details, visit www.rte.ie/mooney

Long-Eared Owls Of Wicklow

As darkness falls, we transport you to the nocturnal world of a family of long eared owls, deep within a forest in Co Wicklow, with author and naturalist, Declan Murphy... www.rte.ie/mooney

Shark Stories, Bounding Basking Sharks & Omnivorous Bonnethead Sharks

As a series of shark stories hit the headlines, we’ll be hearing from experts Lucy Hunt, Dr. Nick Payne and Samantha Leigh about shark attacks, breaching basking sharks and omnivorous bonnethead sharks... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 24/09/18

On MGW tonight: Shark Stories, Bounding Basking Sharks & Omnivorous Bonnethead Sharks; Long-Eared Owls Of Wicklow; Colin Stafford-Johnson... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 17th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 17/09/18 - Special - The Bergen Whale

A special programme on the Bergen Whale, which was found to have over 30 plastic bags in its stomach, as we investigate the horrific effect that plastic pollution is having on marine animals... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 10th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 10/09/18 - SPECIAL - Wildlife Filmmakers

At a time when our planet is more threatened than ever, the magnificent pictures regularly beamed onto our screens, reflecting real stories of nature's circle of life, remind us of what a truly wonderful world we inhabit. Tonight, Derek talks to five of the greatest wildlife filmmakers in the business - Doug Allan, Theo Jebb, Colin Stafford-Johnson, Orla Doherty and Gavin Thurston... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 3rd September

Killer Ducks In Romania

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have observed mallards attacking and eating smaller birds on a reservoir in Romania. Dr. Silviu Petrovan is Research Associate at the university’s Department of Zoology, and joins us on the line tonight from Cambridge... www.rte.ie/mooney

Cross-Dressing Birds & Tailor Birds

Niall explains to Derek, Eric and Richard why some male ruffs (which usually have extraordinary plumage) have evolved to look more like the females of the species, and after one listener sent us a remarkable video of a Tailor Bird, Niall tells us about this ornithological stitcher... www.rte.ie/mooney

Firehawks In Australia

Bush fires are common during Australia's dry season where black kites, whistling kites and brown falcons prey on small animals fleeing the smoke and flames. But new research shows some of the birds are actually spreading fire by dropping burning twigs in new locations, to flush out prey. Mark Bonta, a geographer at Inecol Institute of Ecology in Mexico, conducted the research, and he joins us from Mexico to explain more about what this discovery... www.rte.ie/mooney

Litter-Picking Rooks In France

Rooks at the Puy du Fou Theme Park in France have been trained to pick up cigarettes butts and other litter at the park, in exchange for a reward. Nicolas de Villiers is President of Puy du Fou, and he joins Derek on the line to explain more about this interesting initiative... www.rte.ie/mooney

Derek’s Gulls

Derek tells Dr. Richard Collins, Niall Hatch and Eric Dempsey about the gulls that live on a green area near his house. The gulls tap-dance on the ground to coax up the worms - but now the gulls have also been joined by a large number of crows. However instead of 'dancing' on the ground to imitate rain and thus entice the worms, the crows prefer to peck at the ground. Why, Derek asks Niall, is this? www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 03/09/18

On MGW tonight: Derek’s Gulls; Litter-Picking Rooks In France; Firehawks In Australia; Cross-Dressing Birds & Tailor Birds; Killer Ducks In Romania... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 27th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 27/08/18 - DOCUMENTARY - Sparrows

Derek Mooney presents a special programme examining the inextricable link between humans and house sparrows, how the development of early agriculture led to sparrow settlements in Ireland, and why ringing sparrows can help us monitor their populations. We find out how a Dutch domino attempt proved to be fatal for one sparrow, and the reason that Mao's Great Sparrow Campaign was so catastrophic for both sparrows and the Chinese people. We learn about sparrow 'dust baths', why the 'Cockney sparra' may well become a thing of the past, and we find out how ornithologists in Northern Ireland are working with farmers to help conserve house sparrows... www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 20th August

Recording Humpback Whale Migration

Dr. Simon Berrow, of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, joins us with tales of life on the ocean in pursuit of the humpback whale... www.rte.ie/mooney


GMIT's Dr. Anne Marie Mahon explains how ocean plastics are having a devastating effect on marine life... www.rte.ie/mooney

Asian Hornets

President of Apimondia and MGW beeman Philip McCabe tells us why beekeepers are worried about the Asian hornet... www.rte.ie/mooney

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 20/08/18

On MGW tonight: Asian Hornets; Microplastics; Recording Humpback Whale Migration...

Monday 13th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 13/08/18 - DOCUMENTARY - Feathers

Derek Mooney talks to ornithologists, authors, academics & those who work with feathers to uncover their significance within the natural world, pre-historic origin, and value & varied uses of feathers today... plus WIN a copy of book The Feather Thief! www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 6th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 06/08/18 - DOCUMENTARY - The Cuckoo

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Cuckoos are very special birds indeed. Their behaviour and lifecycle is utterly unlike that of any other Irish or European bird, and their song has long been celebrated as the very sound of summer itself. In this new documentary, Derek meets many of those researching and studying cuckoo populations. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney

Monday 30th July


President of Apimundia (the association of the world's beekeepers) Philip McCabe speaks with Derek about a great upcoming event!

Monterey Cypress Tree Sculpture

Terry Flanagan revisits the Monterey Cypress Tree sculpture in St.Ann's Park in Raheny in Dublin. Terry spoke with Executive Parks Superintendent for Dublin City Council, Noel McEvoy...

Monday 16th July

Life in the Dark

An exhibition that’s just started at London’s Natural History Museum 'Life in the Dark' looks at how some animals move, hunt and feed in places where no light ever shines. Professor Geoff Boxshall from the Department of Life Sciences at the National History Museum curated the content for the exhibition...

Nocturnal animals in Ireland

What is the picture for the mammals which are living here in Ireland? Our reporter, Terry Flanagan, was in the suburbs of south Dublin overlooking a green space, while at the same time being surrounded by houses and was joined by Nicola Marples Professor of Zoology at Trinity College Dublin...

Nocturnal Animals

Scientists have found that many species are making the switch from a diurnal life to a nocturnal one. The study’s lead author is wildlife ecologist and conservation scientist, Kaitlyn Gaynor..


Adult male gorillas are known as 'Silver-backs' because of the distinctive patch of silver which grows on their backs. – But when, how and why does that silver hair grow? Jillian Miller – Director of The Gorilla Organisation (conservation group dedicated to working with local communities to protect gorillas in natural habitat) spoke with Derek....

Monday 9th July

Elephant Communication

Researchers from Oxford University and Save The Elephants worked together to study the tremors that their movements send through the ground. Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer of Oxford University was part of the team who carried out the work in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve. Tarje talked about the research with Derek.

Chernobyl Wolves

A new study looks at how gray wolves from the radioactive forbidden zone around the nuclear disaster site of Chernobyl are now roaming out into un-contaminated land across the wider region.Michael Byrne is a wildlife ecologist at the University of Missouri in Columbia in the United States speaks with Derek.

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