Monday 18th January

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 18 January 2021

On this week's show: the Troubling decline of Curlew numbers in Ireland, myths about birds and why do birds wash themselves? John Reilly with an update on our photographic competition. We talk to Kerri McCrae about her Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary and Terry Flanagan tells us about Nature Studies.

Monday 11th January

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 11th January 2021

We launch the RTÉ Eye on Nature photographic competition. Jenny Branigan reports on BirdWatch Ireland’s annual garden bird survey. We ask how Ring-neck Parakeets are becoming regular visitors to Irish gardens. We discover the delightful sound of the Robin’s winter song and hear about the success of Barn Owl beatboxes in Cork.

Monday 4th January

Mooney Goes Wild Special - The Curlew

It would be tragic if the Curlew were to disappear from our landscape forever. Urgent conservation work is underway to pinpoint the reasons for the bird’s decline and to develop the most effective ways to save it. In this Mooney Goes Wild special Derek meets some of the conservationists dedicated to saving this iconic species.

Monday 28th December

Mooney Goes Wild Áras an Uachtaráin Special

Join Terry Flanagan as he documents a year long biodiversity audit of Áras an Uachtaráin.

Monday 21st December

Mooney Goes Wild Christmas Tree Special

Join Derek and friends as they look into the intriguing history of the Christmas Tree.

Monday 14th December

The Mooney Goes Wild Christmas Quiz

On today's show, our expert panel pose the questions in the Mooney Goes Wild Christmas Quiz. All you need to take part is a pen and paper. The questions and answers will be given during this evening's broadcast.

Monday 7th December

The Mooney Goes Wild Christmas Book Special

This is our Christmas gift special – and this year our focus is firmly on books. Today the team will be bringing you a super range of ideas for presents all inspired by the natural world. So sit back and relax as we take you to the MOONEY GOES WILD virtual bookshop.

Monday 30th November

Mooney Goes Wild November 30th 2020

Éanna Ní Lamhna has a look at hedgerows, John Bela Reilly talks to Melanie Croce who makes the link between tree planting and protecting Ireland's wild seal population, Jenny Branigan takes part in this years BirdWatch Ireland Garden Bird Survey and Derek met up with Kathryn Finney to find out more about The Curlew European Innovation Partnership.

Monday 23rd November

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 23rd November 2020

Joining Derek this week we have John 'Bela' Reilly talking about social media and 'Lazarus the Bluetit', RTE's Jamie Doyle on soil film 'Kiss the Ground', Richard Collins and Matthew Jebb on plants tricking predators and prey along with birdsong at train stations and the fascinating eyesight of Kingfishers with Niall Hatch.

Monday 16th November

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 16th November 2020

Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland talks about garden birds. Éanna ni Lámhna meets the Trinity College professor hoping to find plants with medicinal properties on Irish Boglands Irish conservationist Niall Beddy on Big Game nature reserves in South Africa allowing trophy hunting.

Monday 9th November

Mooney Goes Wild

Eric Dempsey takes us on a Wader Safari on North Bull Island. Éanna ní Lámhna ventures into Killarney National Park looking for a rare fern. Terry Flanagan with a health check on the Blessington Street Basin Mute Swans. UCC student Debs Allbrook on the effect of 'selfies' on the reproduction rates among Gannets at Great Saltee Island.

Monday 2nd November

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 2nd November 2020

Dr Matthew Jebb, director of the National Botanic Gardens explains how water gets from the bottom to top of even the tallest trees. Niall Hatch on olive oil production and migratory Birds. Éanna ni Lámhna discovers that Molly Malone was not the only Irish person with a penchant for Cockles back in the day and Terry Flanagan goes spider hunting.

Monday 26th October

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 26th October 2020

Environmental scientist Rowan Byrne give us an update on the Sea-bins in Howth. Dr Elena Dreosti from University College London asks 'Is Lockdown loneliness making us loners'? Terry Flanagan on Fallow Deer rutting season and Jonathan Williams from Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz Gemany talks about his research into pigeons.

Monday 19th October

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 19th October 2020

Marine Scientist Ken Whelan on Eels and the Saragossa Sea. Niall Hatch reports on the record breaking Bar-Tailed Godwit. Terry Flanagan answers listeners questions about Hedgehogs and scientists in Iceland discover a mutation in a human gene that makes the smell of fish less intense.

Monday 5th October

Mooney Goes Wild

Topics up for discussion this week include: plant extinction, the Blessington Street Basin swans, killing sharks for Covid, Kilmacurragh Tours and the dangers of wild deer during mating season.

Monday 28th September

Mooney Goes Wild - Wolf Special

Wolves have suffered from centuries of demonisation – so talk of reintroduction and boosting their populations is inevitably met with resistance – with opponents particularly worried about the threat to livestock.

Monday 21st September

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 21st September 2020

Fresh water pearl mussels. The Blessington Street swans. The proposed ban on lead shot for use in the hunting wetland birds and the foul mouthed parrots abusing visitors to Lincolnshire wildlife park.

Monday 14th September

Mooney Goes Wild Monday 14th September 2020

This week Derek and gang take a look at the curious world of parasitic plants, the catastrophic decline of wildlife and the new survey of Clare Island.

Monday 7th September

Mooney Goes Wild 070920

On this week's show we take a look at Dragonfly numbers, Northern Fulmars and plastic pollution and Terry takes a look at Moths in Áras an Uachtaráin.

Monday 31st August

Mooney Goes Wild 310820

This week we have Skeletal Deconstruction at the Natural History Museum, Bats in Co. Laois and Curlew Chicks on the Shores of Lough Neagh.

Monday 24th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Waterways Special

Join Derek and friends for a special celebrating Ireland's beautiful waterways.

Sunday 16th August

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday 16th August 2020

On today's programme , The language of Butterflies, Wendy Williams tells us about her new book. Terry Flanagan investigates the establishment of PAW an organisation set up to fight wildlife crime in Ireland and we hear about an ambitious project to rehome two captive Beluga Whales from a watery theme park in China to seawater sanctuary in Iceland.

Monday 10th August

Mooney Goes Wild - Second Chance Documentary: Carl Linnaeus

Derek and Dr. Richard Collins embarked on a Linnaean pilgrimage in 2007, visiting Sweden and Holland to make a radio documentary on the great man.

Sunday 9th August

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday 9th August 2020

We learn about the Otters on Dublin rivers, how scientists are using satellites to identify colonies of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, we meet the Irish farmer who says that Dung Beetles are the farmers best friend and white-tailed sea eagle chicks in West Cork.

Monday 3rd August

Second Chance Documentary: The White Storks of Rühstädt in Germany

In this special edition of Mooney Goes Wild Derek travels to the picturesque village of Rühstädt in Germany.

Sunday 2nd August

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday 2nd August 2020

Barry McMahon from UCD on controlling predators, Terry Flanagan spends a 'Day-cation' watching wildlife from a 'commercial' hide on a farm in Ballyfinn Co. Laois and Richard Collins hears about the campaign to ban Trophy Hunting from its founder Eduardo Gonçalves.

Sunday 26th July

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday 26th July 2020

We meet the artist whose sculpture of Grey Herons was stolen from Cobh in County Cork. We learn about a new species of Mayfly to Ireland. Prof Emma Teeling on BATS potentially holding the key to unlocking the cure to COVID 19. We hear about a BUZZARD in Co Louth & Terry Flanagan explains why Swans often rest one leg on their back whilst swimming.

Sunday 19th July

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday July 19th 2020

Terry reports on the Brown Booby that landed on the beach in Greystones. Derek meets two conservationists from New Zealand who are looking after the Roseate Tern Colony on Rockabill. Dr Richard Collins talks to James Morrissey about his book, THE BEES KNEES and Director of the Botanic Gardens Matthew Jebb on the Oak Processionary Moth.

Monday 13th July

Second Chance Documentary: The Blue Whale

This is the story of Hope also known as the Wexford Blue Whale which became stranded on Swanton Sandbank at the mouth of Wexford Harbour in 1891.

Sunday 12th July

Mooney Goes Wild - Seabird Special

On today's programme we’re going to celebrate Ireland’s abundance of seabirds. As an island nation we have a coastline that measures 3,171 kilometres – with no fewer than 246 offshore islands – perfect habitats for the 24 species of seabird who breed and raise their young on our spectacular cliffs and islands.

Monday 6th July

Second Chance Documentary: The Cuckoo

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Cuckoos are very special birds indeed.Their behaviour and lifecycle is utterly unlike that of any other Irish or European bird, and their song has long been celebrated as the very sound of summer itself.

Sunday 5th July

Mooney Goes Wild - Music and Bird Special

Derek is joined by Dr. Richard Collins along with ornithologists Niall Hatch and 'The Birdman' Eric Dempsey for a musical special. They are joined by traditional music royalty Donal Lunny & Paddy Glackin for a feast of bird inspired jigs & reels. And Maureen Carr tells us about her extraordinary photograph of a Robin feeding a Cuckoo.

Sunday 28th June

Mooney Goes Wild Sunday 28th June 2020

The mystery of the Short Tailed Shearwater that breeds in Australia and Tasmania but one was discovered on a beach in County Waterford. We hear about the damage caused to the marine environment by 'flushable' wet wipes and Terry Flanagan investigates a sparrows nest above the doorway in Sandyford industrial estate.

Sunday 21st June

Mooney Goes Wild 210620

Terry updates us on the Mute Swan families on the Northside of Dublin. Marine Biologist Emma Ridley talk's about SUPER DIEGO, the giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands. Niall Hatch & Dr Stephen Newton of BirdWatch Ireland on rat eradication from seabird colonies & Dr Matthew Jebb joins Éanna ní Lámhna in studio to discuss all things botanical.

Sunday 14th June

Mooney Goes Wild 140620

Derek talks to Jenny Lambert (Sunday World) & Niall Hatch (BirdWatch Ireland) about the MOONEY'S BIRD DETECTIVES booklet. Elaine O'Riordan from NUI Galway talks about a 'Citizen Scientists' hedgehog survey. Terry Flanagan dissects bird poo and Dr Richard Collins talks to Dr Glen Peters about the impact COVID 19 is having on carbon emissions.

Sunday 7th June

Mooney Goes Wild 070620

Wild Deer during a Pandemic with Damien Hannigan from the Irish Deer Commission, Richard Collins talks about Mute Swans transporting chicks on their backs, Alex Crawford from Sky News on plastic pollution in the Nile & Terry Flanagan goes to St Catherine’s Park in Dublin to observe mating Pigeons.

Monday 1st June

Mooney Goes Wild Special: The Swallow - From Egg To Africa

First broadcast in 2004, in this radio documentary Eric Dempsey looks at the amazing journey of the swallow. The programme looks at the whole life cycle of Irish swallows, from the moment the adults arrive and begin nesting to the laying of the first eggs. It follows the progress of young birds in the nest to their arrival in South Africa.

Sunday 31st May

Mooney Goes Wild

Dr Richard Collins talks to 'Virus hunter' Professor Stephen Baker about Pandemics. Lorcan O'Toole of the Golden Eagle Trust, tells us about the recent illegal mass poisoning of BUZZARDS in Cork & Terry Flanagan reports on sightings of Terrapins in the Royal Canal.

Monday 25th May

Mooney Goes Wild 250520

Derek, Richard Collins and Niall Hatch discuss Imprinting in Mute Swans. We hear about Hedgehog mortality on our motorways and exploring Ireland's landscape, Carlow based playwright & novelist John MacKenna takes us for a stroll down the 'lane' where he lives.

Monday 18th May

Mooney Goes Wild

Derek, Niall and Richard discover Little Egrets on the River Dodder, explore the unusual feeding habits of the Eleonora's Falcon, discuss the impacts of COVID 19 on primates and we pay tribute to UCC on the tenth anniversary of the College being awarded a Green Flag.

Monday 27th April

Mooney Goes Wild Full Show

On Mooney Goes Wild this week we look at an Eaglecam in Glengarriff, Terry visits a city farm in Dublin, a Swan attack on the Royal Canal in Dublin and Richard talks to Paul Martyn Cooper about Nature's Explorers.

Monday 20th April

Biodiversity audit of Áras an Uachtaráin

Terry Flanagan headed off late at night with Dr. Even Gaughran and Collie Ennis from Trinity College to see what spiders they could find around Áras an Uachtaráin.

Plantago lanceolata, the Ribwort Plantain

Yvonne Buckley, Professor of Zoology at Trinity College Dublin, joined forces with Dr Annabel Smith from the University of Queensland, to study the Ribwort Plantain, in an attempt to see how it’s become one of the world’s most successfully distributed plant species. Éanna ní Lámhna recently went along to Trinity College to meet Yvonne Buckley.


Derek and Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland discuss birdsong.

Mooney Goes Wild 230420

Derek Mooney and Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland discuss birdsong. Éanna ní Lámhna visits Trinity College to learn about Plantago lanceolata, the Ribwort Plantain and Terry Flanagan continues his series of reports on the Biodiversity audit of Áras an Uachtaráin.

Monday 13th April

The Easter Bunny

Dr Richard Collins explores the Easter Bunny, in a feature first broadcast in April 2006.

The Blue Tit and Nesting

Derek chats with Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland about the Blue tit nest box in Derek's garden and the different nesting strategies adopted by birds.

Mooney Goes Wild Full Show

Derek chats with Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland about the Blue tit nest box in Derek's garden and the different nesting strategies adopted by birds. Dr Richard Collins explores the Easter Bunny and we invite listeners to download the Dawn Chorus recording made by Derek at Cuskinny Marsh Nature Reserve, Cobh, Co. Cork in May 2019

Monday 6th April

The Eider Duck Special

In this special Mooney Goes Wild programme, Derek snuggles up with the Common Eider.

Monday 30th March

The Early Spring Transect at Aras an Uachtarain

Following on with our year long Biodiversity study in Aras an Uachtarain, this week our man Terry Flanagan meets Prof. Nicola Marples from the Zoology Dept of TCD and they head off on a transect of the grounds to monitor the abundance and the variety of bird life that can be found within the grounds.

Forest Bathing

Shirley Gleeson is a Nature and Wellbeing Consultant and runs Forest Bathing walks through native woodland like that in Knocksink, Wicklow. John Bela Reilly joined in on a session lead by Shirley.

BBC Wildlife Documentaries in the Age of Attenborough

Richard Collins and Derek travelled to University College London to meet Jean -Baptiste Gouyon author of BBC Wildlife Documentaries in the Age of Attenborough.

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