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There's a variety of wildlife and nature programmes on radio and TV at the moment - here are some of our highlights of the week. If you notice something that you think would be of interest to our listeners, please let us know by e-mailing mooney@rte.ie!

Thursday, October 11th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

17:30   TG4   Feirm [Jamie Costin speaks to Dearbháil Ní Chualáin about the products they are developing from green waste to reduce consumption of peat] (OS)

19:30   RTÉ 2   Great Lighthouses Of Ireland [A look at how Ireland became a world leader in lighthouse engineering] (R, S)

20:30   RTÉ 2   Nature's Perfect Partners [Documentary] (R)

22:15   RTÉ One   NEW: Living With Lyme Disease [Investigating Lyme Disease, meeting people who have been diagnosed and their struggles to get their lives back to normal]

22:30   TG4   Fíorscéal [Documentary revealing the daily life and behaviour of three cows]

Friday, October 12th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

22:30   RTÉ Radio 1   Seascapes [The maritime programme with Fergal Keane]

Saturday, October 13th 2018

07:30   RTÉ 2   Puffin Rock (S)

07:35   RTÉ 2   Puffin Rock (S)

07:40   RTÉ 2   My Pet And Me

08:00   RTÉ Radio 1   CountryWide

11:30   RTÉ 2   Deadly 60 (S)

15:15   RTÉ One   Earth's Great Seasons (R, S)

15:55   RTÉ 2   The Making Of Planet Earth II [A behind-the-scenes look] (R, S)

16:15   RTÉ One   Great Lighthouses Of Ireland [Insightful documentary, examining how the country became one of the world leaders in lighthouse engineering] (R, S)

16:25   RTÉ 2   Japan's Wild Year [A look at the archipelago's wildlife] (R, S)

19:25   RTÉ 2   Turtle Hero - A Cold Blooded Passion [Following Peter Praschag, a world expert on freshwater turtles, as he sets out to save the Yangtze softshell turtle species from extinction] (S)

Sunday, October 14th 2018

07:40   RTÉ 2   Puffin Rock (S)

07:45   RTÉ 2   My Pet And Me

09:55   RTÉ 2   Deadly 60 (R, S)

11:40   RTÉ 2   Deadly 60 (R, S)

14:40   RTÉ One   Coast Australia [Tim Flannery learns about efforts to colonise Australia's northern frontier, and Xanthe Mallett goes on patrol with Australian Customs Fisheries to search for ghost nets] (R, S)

18:05   RTÉ 2   Nature's Great Migrations [Liz Bonnin leads a team of scientists and film-makers using cutting edge technology to follow a hundred thousand caribou] (R, S)

19:05   RTÉ 2   Earth's Natural Wonders [How native women in Arctic Canada harvest clams a few days a year, while Japanese forest primates dine out on the soft tissue just beneath tree bark] (R, S)

20:05   RTÉ 2   Worst Weather Ever [Documentary exploring the most dramatic meteorological phenomena of recent times, from flash floods to heatwaves and cold snaps, and the havoc they wreak] (R, S)

Monday, October 15th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

12:35   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

19:30   RTÉ One   The Zoo [Young gorillas Vana and Tebogo arrive from Stuttgart Zoo in Germany] (R, S)

20:00   RTÉ 2   Natural World [Examining how some creatures have evolved extraordinary skills and achieved mind-boggling feats] (R, S)

22:00   RTÉ Radio 1   Mooney Goes Wild

Tuesday, October 16th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

12:35   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

20:00   RTÉ 2   Tribes, Animals And Me [Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan journeys across Ethiopia to find out how people can live so close to hyenas, powerful carnivores which are loathed and feared by many communities] (R, S)

Wednesday, October 17th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

12:35   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

20:30   RTÉ 2   A Wild Irish Year [Documentary spotlighting the wild coasts, mountains and woodlands, farms, towns and cities through a single season, showcasing some of the country's most spectacular natural events] (R, S)

20:30   TG4   Tithe Cois Farraige [Síle Nic Chonaonaigh explores the scenic islands of Galway Bay] (OS)

Thursday, October 18th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

12:35   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

19:30   RTÉ 2   Great Lighthouses Of Ireland [Examining the roles lighthouses played in both World Wars, acting as unofficial coastguards and keeping detailed logs of their various observations] (R, S)

Friday, October 19th 2018

12:15   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

12:35   RTÉ 2   Wild Kratts

17:30   TG4   Tithe Cois Farraige [Síle Nic Chonaonaigh explores the scenic islands of Galway Bay] (R, OS)

21:30   RTÉ One   The Zoo [Young, Western Lowland Gorillas Vana and Tebogo arrive in Dublin from Stuttgart Zoo in Germany] (R, S)]

22:30   RTÉ Radio 1   Seascapes [The maritime programme with Fergal Keane]



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