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Miriam Meets...

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Miriam Meets... Sunday 14 April 2013

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Miriam Meets... Alan Crosbie and Patricia Crosbie

This week, Miriam O'Callaghan interviews Alan Crosbie, former Chairman of Thomas Crosbie Holdings and his sister Patricia Crosbie, ballet mistress with Cork City Ballet.

They recall their childhood in Cork, growing up in a family of eight. Alan reflects on the advantages of growing up amongst five girls. They describe the experience of Alan leaving to go to boarding school and how, on his return, he had special privileges including marmalade instead of lemon curd!

From the time he was a small child, Alan knew that he was going to join the family business - the Examiner newspapers group. He now reflects that he had little choice in the matter and now that THC is no more, Alan is faced with a choice now as to what he will do in life.

Their father George died some years ago, their mother Joan still lives in Cork. Their parents loved music and their father wrote Ireland's 1973 Eurovision Song Contest entry Do I Dream and was a keen golfer. They sang at home and enjoyed music from the old movies.

Pat danced with Joan Denise Moriarty's Irish National Ballet on leaving school, getting her break when another dancer was injured. After six years, Pat moved to London. While recovering from a dance related injury, she was working in Pineapple Dance Studios where she met Ray Davies of The Kinks. They married and she toured with world with him, dancing in his shows. They have a daughter, Eva and when the marriage ended, Pat moved home to Cork. She had fitted back in with her extended family and Alan has been a protective and supportive older brother.

Alan explains to Miriam what happened to Thomas Crosbie Holdings since 2008 and why the company got into difficulties and why he has decided to leave the family business altogether. He reflects on his own feelings about the events leading up to TCH going into receivership. Though the fifth generation in the business, his wife Mary encouraged him to make the best decision he could in the present, looking to the future rather than to the past. He was also mindful in his decisions of the future needs of his son, Rob, who has Down's Syndrome. Alan explains the blessings that Rob has brought to their lives but also explains that they needed to think about his future rather than risking further investment in the business.

Alan continues to be involved in organisations that assist people with physical and intellectual disabilities including Child Vision in Dublin.

Pat is ballet mistress with Cork City Ballet and tells Miriam about their next production at the Cork Opera House in November 2013.

Alan feels more optimistic about Ireland now than he did a few years ago. He is concerned about the performance of Europe during the current crisis. He believes that while austerity was needed, perhaps a new policy is required now.

Pat says that the Ireland she left in 1982 was a dark place because of the Troubles. On her return in 1998, she found it greatly changed, more confident but also more arrogant. Now she believes that Irish people are re finding their values and priorities.

They chose Danny Kaye Five Pennies; The Kinks Days; Christy Moore The Voyage; The Everley Brothers Dream

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