Miriam Meets...

Miriam Meets...

Sunday, 10 - 11am

Miriam meets... Professor Orla Hardiman and her brother Ronan Hardiman

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Listen Back This week Miriam meets composer Ronan Hardiman and his sister Neurologist Professor Orla Hardiman.

The siblings tell Miriam abou ttheir childhood in Dublin and how, from an early age, each had identified the passion that has defined their careers. Music was a shared interest throughout their childhood, encouraged by their music-loving parents and supported by access to traditional music at Orla's school. They tell Miriam about the importance placed on reading and independent thinking by their parents during their early years.

Ronan tells Miriam about his short lived University career, his time as a bank clerk and his later decision to pursue a career in music full time. His lucky break came when he was commissioned to write a sound track - on the condition that he stopped pestering the production company in question for work!

Orla describes her decision to become a neurologist and talks about her role in trying to bring the experience of the patient to scientists working in the lab and to bring lab research to bear on the treatment of patients. Breaking bad news to her patients who have life limiting illnesses is not an easy part of her job. She discusses her views on life after death and the existence of God.

Ronan describes how meeting Michael Flately provided him with a great opportunity and tells Miriam how the success of Lord of the Dance has opened many doors for him. Orla discusses her decision to come back to Ireland after completing her training in America and the particular challenges of working in the public health system.

Their choices of music were The Beatles I am the Walrus; De Dannan Hard Times; Ronan Hardiman Lament from Lord of the Dance and Glen Miller Little Brown Jug



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