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Marian Finucane

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Marian Finucane Saturday 7 September 2019

Marian Finucane

Marian Finucane

Live stimulating mix of news, interviews, reports and discussion. Presented by Brendan O'Connor.

CEO Of Kilkenny Design Group

CEO Of Kilkenny Design Group

Chatting to Brendan O'Connor this morning is a woman who knows all about how tough family business can be. Marian O'Gorman, CEO of Kilkenny Design Group was live in studio.


Tips for getting up and moving!

·  No lifts or escalators- take the stairs

· Go to bathroom on the floor above you, and take the stairs to get there

·  Place your bin at the far end of the room so you have to get up to access it

· No emailing colleagues, get up and go to chat to them

·  Take phone calls standing

· Use phone calls as a trigger to walk and talk if you are flexible at work

· Walk outside to get a coffee and walk with it rather than sitting in the kitchen across from your desk

·  Mobile meetings – walk and talk

· Walk to and from work or the DART / luas / bus

· Park further away so you get a walk in before you get to your desk

· If you commute, arrive 10 minutes earlier and go for a short walk to break up the sitting in your car before you sit at your desk

· Drink plenty of water. Better hydration means more frequent need to go to the bathroom, as well as the need to fill up the water glass (i.e. plenty of short burst walking)

· Aim to move after you complete a task so you build that into your daily routine

Recommend Desk Exercises

·  Neck rotations

· Shoulder circles

· Rotation in sitting

· Knees to chest

· Use resistance band at your desk

·  Push back into your chair to activate your muscles and offset any stiffness

· Straighten your knee and hold

· Marching in the chair

·  Heel raises in the chair

· Irish Heart Foundation have a video of Deskercise on their website that goes through easy exercises you can do  -

Two Souls

Two Souls

Henry McDonald senior National Reporter for the Guardian, well known for his decades of coverage of The Troubles from his home in Belfast, joins Breandan this morning to discuss his new book Two Souls



Jenny Branigan physiotherapist chats to Brendan about the impact of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle has on our health.

Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews

Joining Brendan on the line from the UK Cerys Matthews chats about her new cookbook called, Where the Wild Cooks Go. Join Cerys on 24th September at Liberty Hall for some music and chat about her new cookbook Where The Wild Cooks Go.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

This week there were a number of stories in the papers about the privacy practices of multinational tech firms Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy Officer at Brave is live in studio with Brendan taking about data sharing.

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