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    Marian Finucane Saturday 12 July 2014


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    Trouble in Magaluf

    Mary Coughlan went to Magaluf recently to bring her son Cian home when his passport was stolen. She was shocked to see the drink, drugs and debauchery on open display there.


    Water Charges

    Paul Melia, Environment Correspondent, The Irish Independent, monitored his water usage over one month and has some water-saving advice for us.


    The Girl Who Read the World

    Ann had always considered herself to be a fairly cosmopolitan person but found this was not reflected in her book shelves where most of the titles were British and American with a few Indian novels and the odd book from Australia and South Africa. So she decided she would read a book from every country in the world i.e. all 195 UN recognised states and write about it on her blog.

    She talks to Marian about her experience.


    It's Never Too Late

    We’re often told it’s never too late to change. Then again we’re also told to do things before it is too late.  Four people who have all found themselves at a proverbial crossroads in their lives have gone in a new direction and they tell of their new experiences. 

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