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    Marian Finucane Sunday 9 March 2014


    The Newspaper Panel

    The Panel:


    Ursula Tipp - Partner with Tipp-McKnight Solicitors     
    Helene Conway Mouret - Minister Delegate for French Nationals Abroad
    Peter Murtagh - Reporter with the Irish Times        
    Colm O’Gorman - Amnesty International     
    Ben Tonra - Professor of European Foreign Security & Defence Policy & Assistant Professor International Relations at UCD


    Pope Francis - Paddy Agnew

    Rome correspondent with the Irish Times, Paddy Agnew joins Marian to talk about Pope Francis after his first year in charge.


    Digital Detox

    Tech editor with the Irish and Sunday Independent Adrian Weckler joins Marian to talk about living without technology and hotspot safety.

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