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    The National Gallery of Ireland

    Throughout 2014 the National Gallery of Ireland will be celebrating its 150th anniversary. There will be all kinds of exciting events taking place to mark the occasion. The New Year will begin with the annual exhibition of Turner's Watercolours, always a popular attraction in the gallery's calendar.

    Marian is joined by Anne Hodge, curator of prints and drawings at the National Gallery of Ireland.


    1983 State Papers - John Bowman

    John Bowman joins Marian to discuss the release of state papers from 1983.


    Poetry and Grief

    While Christmas and New Year is a favourite time for many, it can be a very difficult time for others. If you’ve experienced difficulty or loss during the year that grief can be magnified by the holiday season.

    But solace can be found in poetry, art and literature.

    Marian is joined by poets Enda Wyley and Pat Boran.

    Poems that were mentioned on the show:

    Johnson Brothers Ltd – Rutger Kopland

    Grief - Pat Boran

    The Five Stages of Grief – Linda Pastan

    Father's Old Blue Cardigan - Anne Carson

    Your Clothes - Judith Kroll

    Curtains - Ruth Stone

    Funeral Blues - WH Auden


    Karl Henry - Fitness

    Karl Henry the fitness expert on RTÉ’s operation transformation has just written his third book. He is one of Ireland’s most recognised and leading personal trainers. His latest book is called the Slim Solution which he promises will change your health and fitness after 30 days.

    The Slim Solution published by Hachette Ireland €14.99

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