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Marian Finucane Sunday 1 December 2013

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Newspaper Panel

Today's Panel to go through the week's main stories with Marian are: Jonathan Irwin, Chief Executive, Jack and Jill Foundation; Philip King, Musician, Film-Maker and Broadcaster; Noirin Hegarty, Managing Destination Editor of Lonely Planet; Tiernan Brady, Gay and Lesbian Network and member of Fianna Fail; Ingrid Miley, RTE Industry correspondent.

Brand Nigella

Brand Nigella

The biggest news story of the week are the allegations that have come to light during a court case in London involving former assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi. It’s been claimed that Nigella had a daily cocaine habit.

And we know that Nigella Lawson is a name synonymous with the “domestic goddess”. She put glamour into home cooking and gave many women something to aspire to. Now is her “brand” irrevocably damaged?

Brand expert Pat Kinsley from Neworld Associates is in studio to discuss.


Top 10 Sports Books

Top 10 Sports Books

This week the William Hill Sports book of the year was announced at a ceremony in London. Ahead of that the chairman of the judging panel John Gaustad published his top ten sports books.

Marian is joined by Paul Kimmage and Con Murphy to discuss the top ten list and some of their own favourite sports books

The Top Ten published in The Guardian this week were:

1. Fever Pitch: A Fan's Life by Nick Hornby

2. A Rough Ride: An Insight into Pro Cycling by Paul Kimmage

3. Dark Trade: Lost in Boxing by Don McRae

4. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis

5. Provided You Don't Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough by Duncan Hamilton

6. Endless Winter: The Inside Story of the Rugby Revolution by Stephen Jones

7. Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream by HG Bissinger

8. Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times by Thomas Hauser

9. My Father and Other Working-Class Football Heroes by Gary Imlach

10. Road Swing by Steve Rushin

Paul Kimmage's favourite books are:

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster Jon Krakauer;
Laptop Dancing – Tom Humphries
Lance to Landis - David Walsh
Only a Game – Eamonn Dunphy
Open - Andre Agassi
Namath by Mark Kriegel
The Escape Artist - Matt Seaton
Jimmy Connors Saved my Life - Joel Drucker
To the Linksland - Michael Bamberger

Con Murphy recommended
Bud Sweat and Tees - Alan Shipnuk
Four Iron in the Soul - Lawrence Donegan
The Meaning of Sport - Simon Barnes



Shergar disappeared on the 8th February 1983 (a week before going to stud). He was due to ‘cover’ up to 55 horses that season at about £80,000 per time. There was a horse auction the following day in Goff’s, so a horsebox traversing the country would not be unusual.

Kidnappers forced their way into the house of head groom about 8.30pm at Ballymany Stud, the Curragh. Two of the masked men kept his wife and kids at gunpoint while the rest went with him to get the horse. He was then taken with them and abandoned some way off and warned not to call the police.

Biggest mistake was it wasn’t just owned by one person.  Next mistake Shergar was a stallion in stud – though normally placid, he would have easily have gotten troublesome, and whoever took him probably knew little about horses. The accepted wisdom has it that Shergar was dead within days. Local folklore says he’s buried outside Ballinamore, where in December 1983 Don Tidey was rescued.

Eoin Sweeney and Niall Kiely join the panel in studio to discuss what might have happened to him.



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