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Marian Finucane Saturday 23 November 2013

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Agnes and Michael McConville

A few weeks ago a very powerful documentary was broadcast about The Disappeared in Northern Ireland. For the first time Jean McConville’s children spoke on camera. And indeed this year marks 10 years since her remains were found on a beach in Co Louth.

Jean McConville was a mother of 10 who was abducted from the Divis Flats in West Belfast in 1972. Her story has been one of the most contentious in the history of The Troubles. But what happened to her young family after she was “disappeared”?

Agnes and Michael McConville, two of Jean’s remaining 9 children, join Marian in studio.

If you have any information which can help bring closure to the families of the disappeared, please contact the Disappeared Confidential telephone number on 00800 55585500 or write to ICLVR, PO Box 10827, Dublin 2, Ireland


The Changing Nature of Education

The Changing Nature of Education

The growing volume of online educational content available to learners of all ages at all levels of formal education and outside of them, is transforming the very nature of what we perceive education to be. 

In some primary and second level schools, textbooks are being replaced by tablets onto which students download all of the materials that they are using across all their subject areas but one of the factors constraining the growth of on-line content for school children is the fact that although all school books are VAT free,  electronic downloads of school books are subject to 23%VAT.

When a student registers for a particular course in a third level college today they are automatically signed up to Moodle or Blackboard. These are technology platforms which manage the entire academic engagement between the student and their lecturers. Gone are the days in which a lecturer comes into a lecture theatre with a set of notes which students transcribe during the lecture. It is impossible to operate effectively as a teacher/lecturer in today's world without using online content.

To discuss this issue Marian is joined this morning by Brian Mooney, teacher, guidance counsellor, and Irish Times educational columnist.

Big Risks to Your Health

Big Risks to Your Health

The biggest risk to anyone’s health is largely poor lifestyle choices. The big diseases resulting from these are cardiovascular disease, various cancers, obesity, diabetes and chronic lung disease (COPD).   All of the above diseases can significantly shorten your life or more significantly reduce the quality of your remaining years.

We are now seeing children and teenagers with diabetes due to obesity stemming from childhood. Traditionally, people would go to the doctor if they were sick but investing some time and energy in preventive health and check-ups can reap rewards. Having a check-up that involves being weighed and measured, having your blood pressure and urine checked and a basic medical exam along with possibly a few routine bloods can pick up lots of medical issues at the point they are treatable. Always attend when you are offered screening such as breast and bowel check or cervical check.

Reduce portion size at meals. Many people eat good food - just way too much of it - our plates and glasses are getting bigger.

Trying to exercise everyday will go a long way towards keeping you healthy. This doesn’t mean going to the gym.   It just means moving for a half hour daily - this may be a simple walk, housework, sports or group exercise. Dance is an excellent way of exercising as it constantly challenges the muscles and joints in different ways. If you do exercise, mix it up walk fast and slow, change your route - it stops the body getting use to one thing and becoming lazy again.

Dr Nina Byrnes, GP, Columnist and Author, is in studio.

Waterford Blaa and Hot Drinks

Waterford Blaa and Hot Drinks

Heritage sites and architectural wonders can get protected status, well did you know that Waterford’s most famous carbohydrate...the humble Blaa has been awarded a PGI status...

PGI standing for Protected Geographical Indication...

Other food stuffs sharing this special treatment include Parma ham, the Cornish pasty and Stilton cheese.

Tom Doorley is in studio to explain on the meaning and significance of it all.  Also, for the season that is in it, he tells us how to make a good mulled wine, hot port and other hot drinks.


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