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Marian Finucane with Áine Lawlor, Saturday 16 November 2013

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Three of the pioneers of Celtic Rock join Áine this morning to take us back to one of the busiest decades of their lives- the 1970s... the highs of which are written about by an uber fan called Mark Cunningham who was so dedicated he has written an amazing book about them called Horslips Tall Tales The Official Biography ...not to forget the new double CD called Biography.

Jim Lockhart, Eamon Carr and Barry Devlin are in studio and they are joined by phone by Mark Cunningham, the author.


Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation

A new report has highlighted the important contribution of a growing sandwich generation of older women in supporting three generations - their elderly parents and their children and grandchildren. The sandwich generation are women aged between 50 and 69 with a living parent and children according to the Trinity College Dublin study on intergenerational transfers released yesterday. Most of these women give a range of financial or non-financial help to both theier elderly parents and their children.

Áine is joined in studio to discuss this by Professor Des O'Neill, Consultant Geriatrician at Tallaght Hospital, and by phone by journalist and broadcaster Mary Kenny who herself has been a carer to her husband Richard for the last 16 years.

Tamasin Day Lewis

Tamasin Day Lewis

Tamasin Day-Lewis’s latest book is part memoir, part recipe book that encompasses everything from baking with her mother, to family Christmas rituals to the importance of her beloved Mayo and the Irish famine.

There are 15 essays, she writes about the influence of Co Mayo, the Famine, having tea with her grandmother and brother Daniel at Fortnum and Mason and also about making tarts with her mother. She writes about teaching mums to cook as part of a Homestart programme and also the Christmas rituals of her father.

There are recipe sections at the end of each chapter containing Tamasin’s 30 very best tart recipes.

Voices of the Men who Built Britain

Voices of the Men who Built Britain

VOICES OF THE MEN WHO BUILT BRITAIN features 15 first-hand accounts of life in Britain’s construction industry in the last century. Taken from interviews recorded in the nineteen nineties these voices convey a vivid picture of the lives of Irish emigrants both before and after leaving Ireland.

Men speak freely about ‘getting the start’ and jumping on wagons, about gangermen good and bad, about dogging out muck, tunnelling and pulling cable, about sinking pints, courting women, surviving in lonely bed-sits and dreaming foolishly of ‘going home’.

Others talk about the price paid in health and relationships and the indifference of many at home who profited from the labours of those who left.

Joe Giltrap performs classic ‘navvies’ songs such as Cricklewood, Crooked Jack, The Sick Note, Tunnel Tigers and McAlpine’s Fusiliers. These songs capture the sadness, defiance, and elation which the navvies knew well.

Ultan Cowley – historian and author of The Men Who Built Britain joins Áine to discuss.

Live Opera on the Screen

Live Opera on the Screen

Michael Lee from Queen's University Belfast talks about the appeal of live opera simulcasting in the cinemas

The first opera company to do this was the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and The Met: Live in HD is still the biggest programme of operas in cinema.

Other companies presenting operas live to cinemas are Royal Opera Covent Garden (London), Glyndebourne Festival, Paris Opera, Naples and La Scala Milan, while Bavarian State Opera (Munich), Bayreuth Festival and Vienna State Opera, among others, are providing live streams of select productions directly online.


Cookery Books

Cookery Books

Cookery books are extremely popular...there’s been a feast of them in recent years as more and more celebrity chefs emerge not to mention teachers of cookery schools and self style home chefs.

Joining Áine this morning to talk about some of the new books that she likes is food and critic and writer - Lucinda O’Sullivan.


Lynda Booth describes herself as a collector of chefs. From her early twenties she made a point of travelling around the world and working in interesting and top restaurants to broaden her knowledge.   Her Dublin Cookery School is a stunning facility and she always has lots of visiting celebrity chefs to inspire her students. Atul Kochhar, Sunil Ghai, Stephen Gibson, Neven Maguire, Richard Gleeson who worked with Ottolenghi John Wyer who has just opened Forest Avenue.

‘BOOK OF HOME AND FAMILY’ Irish Countrywomen’s Association €22.99    All sorts of old lore and tips….

This is nice and old fashioned in ways. It looks at how to maintain a good relationship – loving your leftovers – how to run a birthday party – how to prepare a guest’s bedroom – how to look after your jewellery and managing your clothes ‘wear it well’.

YOTAM OTTOLENGHI’S ‘PLENTY’  - OTTOLENGHI is the rave of the moment – a real bible for vegetarians  Around €30


Not just recipes by host James Martin but by the myriad of famous chefs who appear each week including our own:

Richard Corrigan who gives a recipe salad of Roast Suckling Pig and Oysters

Thomas Keller the legendary American chef shows how to cook his Brined roast chicken

James Martin - Potato Tart with sardines and tomatoes

Other chefs featured include Atul Kochhar , Tom Kitchen, Ken Hom, Gennaro Contaldi, Angela Harnett, Donna Hay, Danny Millar, Michel Roux and Bill Grainger.

NIGELISSIMA – Nigella Lawson’s book on very easy to produce Italian food – great for entertaining.  €20

Lucinda is a big fan of Nigella Lawson’s recipes because they are ‘very simple, quick and easy.’ She has made her Moroccan Almond and Orange cake for years.


Rick Stein’s India – Every woman in the world loves Rick Stein and this time he was in search of the best curry in India.

Curries of the World by Atul Kochhar who is the first Indian chef to ever get a Michelin Star. He is involved with the Ananda restaurant Dundrum – inspirational man.

INDOCHINE BY LUKE NGUYEN – A wonderful take visually and otherwise of the French occupation of Vietnam and influences on its food.

SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A CELEBRITY …..CHEF? BY CAROLINE JAMES – for people who might enjoy a laugh.   An amusing tale around people in and on the periphery of the food world…a cookery school, a few ‘chancers’ …..ending up in Kinsale.   Caroline James ran a U.K. ‘Celebrity Chef’ Agency.


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