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    Marian Finucane Sunday 6 October 2013


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    Newspaper Panel Part 2

    The panel are joined by John Byrne - psychotherapist & lecturer in Child and Social Care Practice at Waterford IT.


    The Fifth Estate - Mick Wallace

    Independent TD Mick Wallace talks about documentary 'The Fifth Estate' which is about Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.


    The Beatles - Special Extended Podcast

    Marian Finucane Show researcher Eoin Sweeney joins Marian to talk about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles only Dublin concerts. Marian is also joined by John Keogh of The Caravelles / The Greenbeats who played many of the same venues as The Beatles, Terrie Colman-Black who attended one of the gigs and Professor Darryl Jones - School of English, Trinity College Dublin who has a lecture series entitled: The Beatles in 12 Movements.

    The Beatles in 12 Movements - Click Here

    They are held in the Long Room Hub. It’s free entry but by ticket only.

    The Dublin Beatles Festival - Click Here 

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