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    Budget Weekend Cooking

    Eamon O'Cathain joins Áine to talk about cooking on a budget.




    Not alone is this dish cheap to prepare, it’s a quick, colourful and tasty dish . Many of the ingredients can be bought in bulk and used for the other recipes, which keeps cost down.

    You will need:


    Chicken thighs

    Salt, pepper



    Lemon juice

    Cheap vegetables such as: mushrooms, peppers, onions, red onions: if the budget stretches -courgettes too. 1 courgette will go a long way.






    Salt, pepper, chilli flakes (optional)

    To prepare

    Place all the chicken thighs in a bowl; remove any excess fat, if skinned. Marinate in crushed garlic, a little oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix well.

    Chop up the various vegetables into rounds, quarter, halves. Place in an oven dish, splash with oil, season with sea-salt and black pepper and grill for about 10 minutes, turning half-way through and checking that they don't burn.

    In a good non-stick pan, dry-fry the chicken over a high heat on both sides, cooking it at least half-way.

    Now assemble the brochettes: begin with something large such as a mushroom or courgette round to hold in place then variously add the chicken and the other vegetables until each skewer is full.

    Prepare the Portuguese rice. Chop the onion and gently fry in a little olive oil. When transparent, add the garlic and fry for another two minutes. Then add the chopped tomatoes (at least four) followed by the rice as for a risotto or paella and add water continually to this, stirring and watching until all the rice is cooked and fluffy. Leave in the pan but remove from the heat. Adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and chilli flakes, if desired.

    While the rice is cooking, place your skewers under the grill and turn frequently, cooking on all sides. When ready, pour the resulting liquid in the oven dish into your Portuguese rice and serve immediately.



    Here’s a very different pasta dish from the ones we usually see on the menus of Italian restaurants – but no less delicious for that. You can put it together in no time, and you may already have many of the ingredients to hand, with the exception of the basil. (At a push, you could use parsley instead.)

    You will need:

    Packet of spaghetti or spaghettini - Choose the best brand you can afford, avoid generic supermarket el cheapo brands

    Bunch of fresh basil

    4 lemons

    Salt and black pepper

    Olive oil Parmesan cheese

    Juice all the lemons and whisk the juice with around 150ml of olive oil. Then add the grated Parmesan – enough to make the emulsion thick. Now season it.

    Then cook the spaghetti. Drain and return to the saucepan with a little of the cooking water.

    Add the sauce to the pasta in the saucepan and mix it in well; at the last minute, stir in all the chopped basil.


    This is a wonderful recipe for what is originally just termed as ‘street food’ in Morocco. It is supremely simple to prepare and full of wonderful flavours. The chick peas can be made in advance and will keep for around a week in the fridge in tupperware, and can be eaten whenever required. If you can get a hold of some saffron, do use it, as it will bring a sublime and authentic flavour to the mix.

    You will need:

    2 tins of chickpeas

    A little olive oil

    1 onion

    1 red onion

    1 red pepper

    1 teaspoon of ground cumin

    1 bunch of coriander

    Black pepper, salt

    Pinch of saffron (optional)

    To prepare:

    Drain the chick peas but keep a little of their liquid back (you can use dried chick peas if preferred in which case, do retain a little of the cooking water).

    Finely chop both the onion and the red pepper: heat a little of the olive oil in a saucepan and cook both these for a few minutes. Then add the cumin, stir in well and allow to cook before adding the chickpeas and their liquid. Season and then allow to simmer. Add saffron if desired. Leave to simmer for 30 mins. When ready, cut the red onion in half and then slice into very thin half-circles. Stir these into the chick peas and allow to ‘cook’ by the heat of the chick peas only.

    When this has cooled, it will improve the flavour by chilling in the fridge for at least an hour. When ready to serve, just gently reheat.

    It can be eaten with grilled pita bread or preferably Moroccan flat


    Leeks vinaigrette

    Celeriac remoulade

    Basque Piperade with eggs

    Sardine rillettes

    Tomatoes stuffed with rice



    You will need

    4 leeks

    Sea salt

    Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard

    To prepare

    Trim the upper green part of the leeks (keep it for soup).

    Cut each leek two-thirds of the way down and wash thoroughly.

    Tie all the leeks together and cook them quickly in boiling salted water: about 6-7 minutes should do, depending on their thickness (keep this water to make soup).

    During this time make a classic vinaigrette of three parts oil to one part vinegar -heavy on the mustard. Season.

    Allow to drain, arrange decoratively on a plate and spoon the thick vinaigrette over the warm leeks.


    You will need

    1 celeriac

    1 tub fromage blanc

    Lemon juice, mustard, sea salt

    To prepare

    Grate the celeriac or use a food processor. Plunge into boiling salted water for three minutes and then drain and refresh under running cold water.

    Prepare the dressing with three parts fromage blanc to two parts Dijon mustard and two parts lemon juice. Season.

    When the celeriac is thoroughly drained mix it in this sauce and adjust seasoning if necessary. Keep in fridge until ready to serve.


    You will need

    2 tins of sardines in oil

    2 knobs of butter

    Chopped parsley

    Lemon juice, splash

    30g each of black and green olives

    Yesterday's baguette

    To prepare

    Mix a tin and a half of the sardines with the butter in a blender until it becomes like soft butter.

    Chop up roughly the remaining sardines and mix in with the buttery mixture. Add the lemon juice, the oil from the tins and mix thoroughly. Chop the olives finely and add them too.

    Soak the stale baguette in a little olive oil before grilling or toasting: then spread the rillettes onto each slice and sprinkle with parsley.


    You will need

    Firm tomatoes -leftover rice - four knobs of butter- salt, pepper

    To prepare

    Slice the top of the tomatoes and keep. Remove the insides with a teaspoon, discard the seeds and keep this pulp. Salt the inside of the tomatoes and turn them upside down to let their water run out.

    Mix yesterday's rice with the tomato pulp, season thoroughly, then fill each tomato with this mixture. Place a knob of butter on top of each one, then replace the "lid" of the tomato.

    Place in the oven for about 40 mins or longer at 180°


    You can leave the eggs out of this recipe if you so desire

    You will need

    1 or 2 onions
    2 cloves of garlic

    1 red pepper

    1 green pepper

    4 tomatoes

    Olive oil

    6 eggs
    Pinch of piment d’espelette or paprika

    Salt and black pepper

    Fresh parsley


    To prepare

    Begin by cooking the sliced onions and the crushed garlic in the oil for around five minutes. Peel the peppers roughly with a potato peeler and then slice the peppers lengthwise into thin strips and cook for a further five minutes.

    Now skin the tomatoes by plunging them into boiling water, then peel, chop and deseed them. Add these to the onion-and-pepper mixture.

    Beat the eggs as for an omelette and season with salt, pepper, paprika and chopped basil. Add to the tomato mixture or piperade and stir in slowly, as for scrambled eggs. Alternatively, you can break the eggs in whole, covering the whites in piperade, which will cook them, and allowing the yolks to peep through. When almost set, sprinkle with chopped parsley and a little piment d’espelette or paprika if desired.


    “ THE HARD TIMES COOK BOOK: Good Food on a Budget”

    By Éamonn Ó Catháin

    Published by Liberties Press



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