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Marian Finucane Saturday 13 July 2013

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Profile Interview Lucinda Creighton

Profile Interview Lucinda Creighton

The Taoiseach has said himself “there have been very few bills, probably over the last 40 years that have had such extensive discussion and consultation, and debate in the house.”

He was of course referring to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill which passed the final stage in the Dail on Thursday night. One TD left outside the fold as a result is Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda joins Marian to disscuss.

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

While we have yet to find a cure for cancer.....a growing body of evidence has found that people recovering from cancer have better outcomes for their health when they exercise...

Dr Janice Walshe a consultant medical oncologist at St. Vincent's University Hospital and Tallaght Hospital joins Marian to talk about the hows and the whys behind the difference that exercise can make to those with cancer , or who have had cancer, or who are likely to get cancer.

An important Myth that we need to bust. Research shows that Irish people think that there is no benefit in exercising unless 1. It hurts you; 2 it's difficult; and 3 it takes over your life. That is NOT the case.

To explain more about this on the line from Kerry is June O Connell from Choose to Tri - their last event for this year is on 27 July in Kilkenny City and got to their website for more information. 

Fiona Tiernan from Plurabelle Paddlers The Dublin Dragon Boat Regatta takes place on 14th/15th September. More information on their website.

Summer Reads

Summer Reads

Sinead Gleeson, Natasha Fennell and Jim Lockhart pick some of their favourite Summer Reads.

Their choices are:


All the Birds Singing - Evie Wyld (Jonathan Cape)

The Herbalist - Niamh Boyce (Penguin Ireland)

The Dinner - Herman Koch (Atlantic Books)

Burying the Typewriter: A Memoir - Carmen Bugan (Picador)

The sense of an ending - Julian Barnes (Vintage Digital)

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn (Phoenix)

The Casual Vacancy - J.K Rowling (Sphere)

Short Stories

Town & Country - Kevin Barry (Faber & Faber)


The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves - Stephen Grozs (Chatto & Windus)

 Philosophy for Life: and other dangerous situations - Julie Evans ( Ebury)


Intimacy with Strangers - Ciaran Carty (Lilliput Press)

The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies and What They Did to Us by David Thomson

On Writing - Stephen King (Hodder)

Learned Optimism: How to Change your Mind and your Life - Martin Seligman (Vintage)

One Day One Decade - Dylan Jones (Preface Publishing)

Summer Sounds

Summer Sounds

Hearing certain records can seemingly transport us back to a certain place and time. And this is perhaps true of songs associated with the summer more than any other season

Whether they be tales of the endless summer days of your childhood, that fleeting romance or your first trip abroad, the affect can be the same. And highly personal. The soundtrack of the times will be forever a part of you.

Marian is joined in studio by Jim Lockhart and Dave Fanning who have been reflecting on those summer sounds and happy memories and have been pondering what ingredients go in to making a record ‘the sound of the summer’?

The poetry book Jim read from was called Obscure Classics of English Progressive Rock by Quincy R Lehr

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