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Liveline Friday 16 October 2020

                                                  LITTLE LIVELINE

On Monday 21st December, we're going to be broadcasting our inaugural LITTLE LIVELINE programme. We’re going to be opening the phone lines to our younger listeners and we want them to REVIEW their favourite BOOKS, ALBUMS, MOVIES, TV SHOWS – they can review anything they like from Billie Eilish to the Beatles, from Frozen to Fargo, from The Gruffalo to The Goldfinch…

If you have someone in your life aged 16 and under who would like to feature in the programme, 

Send us an email to or write to us at: LITTLE LIVELINE RTÉ Radio Centre Donnybrook Dublin 4. 

As always, nothing is guaranteed, but we will do our best to feature as many reviewers as possible in the show. 

                                        SELF PUBLISHED BOOKS 

On Wednesday 23rd December, we'll be broadcasting our annual Self Published Books Programme. If you've published a book yourself this year, please SEND US A COPY OF THE BOOK to the address below and remember to include your contact details. Because we receive a high volume of books, it's not possible for us to return them to the senders after the programme. We will do our very best to cover as many authors and titles as possible on the day.

ADDRESS: Liveline Self Published Books Programme RTÉ Radio Centre Donnybrook Dublin 4



Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy.

"Sinfulness" and Suicide

Columnist Brendan O'Regan talks to Joe and asks if you define sin as an action that offends God, then surely suicide is a sin? Anne who lost her son to suicide, disagrees with Brendan. Anne was horrified that suicide would be deemed a sin.

Irish Bar Needs Help

Piri Bradshaw called Liveline from Germany about her family pub in beautiful Bavaria Germany who need Irish staff to stay open. They are called Irish Pub Grafenwöhr. #liveline

Good Deeds

Celine's business is currently online only but will leave 5 flower bouquets outside her business for people to take BUT re gift. She hopes to lift spirits through random kindness. She will do this every Friday up to Christmas


Have you got a story to tell? An issue you want to air publicly? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you.

You can email the programme at any time to, call the office at 01 208 3263 / 2984 / 2980 or 3438 (or out of office hours and leave a message) or on 1850 715 815, Monday to Friday from 12.30pm – 3.15pm.

All topics are considered and all calls are welcome.



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