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Liveline Friday 14 February 2014



Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy

On today's programme we spoke to Mike Fitzgerald of the ESB about the fact that so many homes were without power. Sandro called in to say that the ESB were doing a great job getting people back to normal but he storms had wreaked havoc.

Emily spoke about repossession. Her car was taken back and the council has bought the family home and they now pay rent. She was referring to Gillian who we spoke to on yesterday's programme and says the situation does improve and thengs get better. The most important thing is not to feel ashamed.

Anne told us about her daughter who collapsed in a shopping centre and only one person, eventually, came to help the 21 year old. Eddie told us about a study he had read about that said people are more likely to help when there are few people around.

Patricia told us about a scam when someone claimed she had tipped their car and they wanted money. Instead she took a photo of them and they soon disappeared. Mairead told us of another incident in a car park where someone scratched her car and she asked them to give some money to Downs Syndrome. She met them later and they gave her the receipt showing they had done it.

Kathleen told us about her son who, when he was 10, drove her brand new car around a car park.

Stormy weather

Mike Fitzgerald from ESB Networks on how they are working to restore power around the country; plus Sandro, Caroline and Kevin

Collapsing in public

Anne's daughter collapsed and was unconscious before anyone came to her aid

Victim of theft

Caroline and Jimmy lost valuable jewellery so checked out cash-for-gold shops

Dealing with banks

Emily has words of hope for those, like Gillian, struggling with banks

Warning of scam

Patricia stood up to 'crash-for-cash' scam artists, while Mairead's encounter had a nice outcome

Children driving

Kathleen couldn't believe what her 10-year old son did when he was bored shopping


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