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Liveline Monday 6 January 2014



Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy

On Liveline today we began the programme with Suzanne Roache from Limerick. On Christmas Eve, she arrived home with her sopping to find her house full of thick smoke. When her son crawled through the house, they realised that this was no ordinary fire and the windows of the house blew out. Everything was destroyed. Luckily no one was hurt but the family have spent a very sad Christmas with all their belongings destroyed. The major issue for Suzanne is the fact that she is not insured. We spoke to Suzanne and her friend Rose about the people of Limerick and how supportive and generous they have been.

Petra joined the conversation with the story of her own father whose house was destroyed by fire. He too had no insurance. Petra spoke about the devastating effect this event had on her father.

Eileen called the programme to tell us about her dispute with her local council. A very serious recycler, she has three bins under her sink for sorting out rubbish. Her partner drove to the bottle bank on evening before Christmas and dropping in their old bottles. However he drove off and accidentally left the empty box behind. They received a fine of €150 by registered post. Something similar happened to Joan, who called in. She drove the three miles to her bottle bank which she found were all full to the brim. She managed to get them all in except for one jar. She was tracked down from her receipt for Supervalu.

Traolach is a primary school teacher and today is the feat of the Epiphany. Traolach doesn’t understand why so many children are in school on this Holy day. If schools follow a Catholic ethos, and so many do, then why are they open. We spoke to Joan who said that at Mass today there were many school children. Some schools opted to take their children to Mass instead.

Anna is a retired teacher and she had listened to last week’s programme where a caller spoke about intervening when a mother loses her temper with a tantrumming toddler. She says that throwing the child’s sweets in the bin was not a good idea. Far better to say ‘I’ll give it to you when we get home.’ She has intervened too and parents have often looked at her like she has two heads but she feels she has helped ease the tension.

House fires

A devastating house fire left Suzanne and her family homelesss but communities in Limerick are rallying around; other callers have similar stories and advice

Litter fines

A warning - be careful about leaving cardboard boxes at the recycling centre

Schools & holy days

Views on whether Catholic schools should observe holy days, like today

Intervening in a dispute

As a former school principal Anna has a view on how to deal with upset children


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