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    Liveline Wednesday 4 December 2013



    Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy

    John had a bad experience with a dating agency . He paid €500 and only went on one date which didn't work out well for him.

    Bart Murphy runs more than two dozen cancer charity shops in the east and south of the country . He has to close one this week because of the high cost of commercial rates.

    Myles was trying to track down a recording of a song he heard in a film he saw a long time ago. Liveline listener Kevin identified the film as 'Fitzcaraldo' from 1982, starring Klaus Kinski. The song was Il Sogno and was played on the programme.     

    There are more offers on air for Fiver Friday , coming up on Friday the 6th of December.



    Dating agencies

    John was hurt by his experience with a dating agency;Kathleen and Dan have advice

    Charities and business rates

    Bart's cancer charity shop has to close because of rates; David compares the situation with his business in Temple Bar

    Fiver Friday

    Great offers around the country - crystal repair, photography, portraits, wedding bands.....

    Music from film

    Myles would love to identify a piece of music he heard in the film Fitzcaraldo


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    Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy


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