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Liveline Friday 11 October 2013



The random quality control survey by the Primary Care Reimbursement Service in relation to health cards has been causing upset and concern to elderly card holders. Suddenly this letter will arrive in the post looking for clarification of means. It is very confusing for people.

James has had positive experiences of of working with asylum seekers. Thinks the asylum interview process is very flawed.  He has gotten to know these people and they are so genuine and have had huge troubles.

Mary says the deadline for IBRC loan bids is today and she is waiting to hear a response on the bid on her mortgage. It isn’t just for big companies to apply mortgage holders can apply.

Medical cards & the elderly

It's not just the elderly who are being targetted - other vulnerable sectors are also worried by random letters of review

Accommodation for asylum seekers

James and Irena have worked with asylum seekers and know the difficulties they encounter

Buying-out your mortgage

Today is the deadline for applications to buy-out your IBRC mortgage

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