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    Liveline Monday 9 September 2013



    Discussion and debate with Philip Boucher Hayes.

    Martin borrowed money from a financial institution but felt his and their diligence wasn't the best.

    Billy is upset that the doves being released at weddings are actually captive bred birds who cannot find their way home or take care of themselves in the wild.

    Laura had a dissappointing experience with Ryanair when her son could not make the return leg of a flight due to illness.Her only option to was to pay full fare for her husband and son , which came to over €700, or get them to wait an extra three days .

    Callers to Liveline speculate on a possible replacement for Ireland manager Giovanni Trappatoni in the event of him not remaining on in the position after tomorrow night's game againt Austria


    Banks, home-owners and mortgage debt

    Who should be responsible if both parties know information on a mortgage application isn't 100% true?


    Birds used at weddings

    Billy explains why only homing pigeons should be used at marriage ceremonies


    Ryanair and travel insurance

    Salutary tales from Laura and Barbara about the importance of travel insurance


    Managing the Irish soccer team

    Is it time Giovanni Trapattoni's management of the Irish soccer team came to an end?


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    Discussion and debate with Philip Boucher Hayes


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