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    Liveline Monday 17 June 2013



    Ken O’brien told Joe about a bill he got from Laya Healthcare after his wife had a shoulder replacement operation in the Blackrock Clinic. The statement quoted €16,756.95 for accommodation – his wife had a two night stay. Blackrock clinic told us they have an agreement with Laya Healthcare where they pay a fixed price per procedure. For a shoulder replacement, this price includes all pre-agreed elements of the procedure including preparation, surgery, aftercare and recovery.

    Are there still Wallabies on Lambay island? Or is it an urban myth. Matthew Jebb Director of the National Botanic Gardens was on Lambeth Island today. He says there are still wallabies on the island. He has seen them.

    Andrew Flynn runs an amateur Irish American Football Club based in Dublin. They ran an event in February and used Event Elephant to facilitate this in the hope of having a streamlined service that would supply them the funding. To this day they are still waiting for over €5,000. They are currently looking at financial ruin and the collapse of the club, they have been in existence for 18 years.

    Rodney Gillen started his jeep this morning….the engine was roaring wasn’t sure what was wrong…..discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen. They used an angle grinder to remove it – it would have been a very loud operation. One neighbour noticed somebody at the jeep but they thought it was him under the car. Frank Duff of Duff bike shop also had his catalytic converter stolen from his Jeep, in the busy Omni Park Shopping centre last Saturday afternoon.



    Cost of medical treatment

    Ken was stunned when a 2-night stay in a private hospital cost over €16,000 - not including operation


    Fund-raising and Event Elephant

    The Irish American Football Club are still waiting for the results of their fund-raising efforts; meanwhile Gerard had no problem using a similar event management agency


    Wallabies on Lambay Island

    The definitive answer to the question: are there still wallabies on Lambay Island?


    Ireland's drinking culture

    Jim doesn't believe alcohol companies' sponsorhip of sports events has an impact on our drinking habits


    Victim of theft

    Catalytic converters, the latest target for thieves


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