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    Liveline Thursday 13 June 2013


    Lynn and her partner want to have their 4 month old daughter Daisy christened. They have chosen two female godparents but have been told by their local parish priest that this is not acceptable. Lynn is furious.

    Paul is involved with the Tidy Towns in Clondalkin. He has recently noticed two signs in his area reading "funded by the National Development Plan 2000 - 2006" which are unsightly and out of date. He wants to know when they will be removed?

    Pat was out walking in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow at the weekend. He was crossing the zebra crossing when a group of cyclists whizzed by. One of the group gave him the "finger". He thinks cyclists are extremely dangerous to pedestrians.

    E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. Paul sells e-cigarettes. Eamon thinks they should be regulated. Pat smokes them two at a time. So whose job is it to regulate them?

    Bob Smith was serving his time as a plasterer with his brother in the 1950's. He spent a lot of time in tenements doing repairs. He said they were awful places but the people in them were salt of the earth.



    Lynn was surprised to be told it was the church 'law' that her child had to have a male & female godparent

    Unsightly road signs

    Paul wants old National Development Plan signs removed from the roads around Clondalkin

    Dangerous cyclists

    Downright dangerous road etiquette from cyclists around Wicklow

    Nicotine technology

    Fans of e-cigarettes extol their benefits when you're trying to give up smoking

    Memorial to victims of tenement collapse

    Memories of tenement collapses in Dublin in 1913 and 1963


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