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    Tuesday 12th March 2013



    Barry is head barman in Molloys Pub in Talbot Street. Yesterday evening a man left his pub with his son. He fell outside and couldnt get up. They called an amublance and waited nearly 50 minutes for it to arrive. Are these kind of ambulance delays common? The Liveline listeners tell Joe of their experiences.

    Pauline has a 20 year old English au pair. The girl was out last weekend in Galway with her friends. After 1 drink she felt violently ill and her legs were weak, luckily a friend brought her home. Test confirmed she had had her drinks spiked. Pauline wants to warn girls to be vigilant.

    Tom converted his stand alone garage in his garden into a granny flat for his mother-in-law. He is the registered owner of the property but it has its own entrance. He now fears it is going to be subject to the Property Tax which he thinks is ridiculous.


    Waiting times for ambulances

    Stories from people surprised at the lengthy waiting times for ambulances


    Drinks spiked

    Pauline, Jason and Bill with their personal experiences of drinks being spiked


    Property Tax

    Tom doesn't agree with the tax on granny flats


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